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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Great News from Sergeant Blackart!

GREAT NEWS from Sergeant Blackart! 
"Jack the Plucker" will be released for a good cause!

"Jack the Plucker" - extremely limited availability beginning of 2014

Listen up, everybody! The "Best of Show" miniature at Monte San Savino was not only a one-off-piece. It will be released as an extremely limited cast at the beginning of 2014! 

All profits will be given to the Fondazione P.U.P.I., a foundation that focuses on strengthening families and children who need help. An awesome cause and of course, we here at Painting Buddha will support Sergeant Blackart with this project by SHARING & ENJOYING this awesome initiative! 

On Sergeant Blackart's Website we can read:

"The project, born many months ago inside the collaboration with MuMi - Museum of Miniatures, is under license of Brom himself. It’s really special for us since we decided, thanks to the support of Brom and Javier Zanetti, to give all the markup to Fondazione P.U.P.I. This is only the beginning, we will give you more details as soon as we will be ready, but you can be sure the best is yet to come!"

If you are interested in getting your hands on what is one of the greatest Minis of all times from one of the greatest concept arts of the last years - here's your chance: Head over to Sergeant Blackart's website and contact them with a short message. They will let you know as soon as the sale on this extremely limited miniature will start!


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