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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Painting Buddha Adventskalender - Door #9

Today ALL secrets will be revealed. Like: What did it COST to make this set and
how much VALUE did our Bruddhas get? SHARE & ENJOY!

Painting Buddha Adventskalender - Door #9: 
inb4 100% Transparency

Congratulations, bruddhas!

Hey everyone! We are a little late on our door #9 but we'll make up for lost time over the weekend as those videos are mostly prepared ;) 

Late last night (or was it early morning) we had a pretty fun idea for door #9 and throughout the day, we added a couple of segments to our video. 

I can really say that, even though it's close to 4am, I have had an illegal amount of fun making this. ^^

The ghost of the past is history and Ben, the ghost of the present, is here! And he brings you 100% transparency and tidings of new releases!!

Pretty cool ghost, huh?

Questions incoming? 

Explaining why we work the way we work is not easy - even in an 8 minute video. With today's video we at least hope to show you, HOW we work. After watching the video, I am sure, many of you have questions. And we will be happy to answer them all! 

Put your questions in the comments under the Youtube video - and I think we'll be able to record some answers for you for the weekend!

Today's daily prize

One of you can win TWO painting buddha supporter shirts today!
One for you, and one for a friend/ girlfriend/ parents/ kids/ younameit. How could we not give some shirts away after we devoted so much time to them in today's video! And if you've seen the video, I am sure you wouldn't mind one ;) 

All you need to do to enter is to SHARE & ENJOY our corresponding Facebook post with your friends on FB or Google+. Sharing twice is not only twice as nice, but it also gives you two tickets to win!

The picture slowly starts to show!

Tile #9. Hmmmmmm...
Today's tile slowly completes the picture of our 'glance into the future' - and the pairs of letters that you will find in each day's Youtube video slowly turn into words... Don't they? ;)

It seems that some key tiles are still missing, but we are getting closer every day! 

Even I am getting excited - and I already know all the answers :D 

I urge you to participate or else you will be very disappointed when you hear what the ULTIMATE GRAND PRIZE is... 



  1. Shared and enjoyed.

    Best regards, Dellolyn

  2. Twice shared. Now I enjoy the video.

  3. Shared, Rolled on Floor and Enjoyed...:D...

  4. I'm happy to see how much care you take in preparing each box, like a son of your fantasies.

  5. Also there is a 42 in the medallion the Buddha is wearing.

  6. Ok now I'm going maid. There are repeated 42 in the address. AWWWWWW my head.

  7. Question: a) in what kind of charity are you involved? b) Who came up with the names for the minis?

  8. after looking your video (have to wait till evening when I get home) I just want to say THANK YOU for your work!
    It's interesting to get a look behind the scenes and what you do and try out.

    Just move on,we will stand behind you.

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