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Monday, December 9, 2013

First week of "21 Days of Hoopy Holidays" - summary

21 Days of Hoopy Holidays - week 1
The ghost of the past will be history tonight!

8 doors open - lucky 13 to go!

So many of you have SHARED and enjoyed our Adventskalender in the last week. Every share is a ticket for a daily prize - and as you can see, we have some really nice prizes lined up for you!

If, for example, you shared Door #3 on Facebook or Google+ you automatically enter in the drawing for the daily prize on door 3: "Luz, New York" - a stunning miniature by Nocturna. Behind the doors you will find miniatures from Sergeant Blackart, Heroes & Villans, JMD and from yours truly, 

Here's a summary of all the previously opened doors for your convenience: 

Day 1 - Day 2 - Day 3 - Day 4 - Day 5 - Day 6 - Day 7 - Day 8

The plot thickens - Tile-o-mania!

It started all with this tile behind door 2
8 of the 20 tiles have been revealed. Can you guess the complete picture yet? And did you know that, even though you can find the tiles in the daily post on this blog, the two letters that come with each of the tile can only be found in the Youtube Videos?

Those letters, once the puzzle is assembled, will reveal a secret key-phrase that you will need to unlock the ULTIMATE GRAND PRIZE.

I am surprised no-one asked what that is yet, as we totally would have answered it... Maybe next week ;) 

Let the past be past

Tonight, the Ghost of the Past will turn over the baton to the Ghost of the Present. And he will do so with one of the probably most important videos of our Adventskalender.

So before the Ghosts of the Past finally and unexpectedly vanishes in a puff of logic, he has some final message for you.

And everyone who already supported us by purchasing one of our miniature painting instruction DVDs 'Season 1.1: Target Identified" will have reason to be very happy. 

And everyone who is still considering to support us will find reasons enough to do so. Stay tuned! Soon™

The hunt for the Easter Egg continues!

When I thought about the easter egg, I did not know how much you guys would be looking for it! 

It is fair to say that no-one got the right answer yet, but ONE of you is VERY very close to solving the riddle. We will be very specific as to the solution, but you are on the right path, Bruddhas!

And for those of you who don't know what I am talking about - I have mischievously hidden an 'easter egg' in the Answer-o-mat. And the first person to find it will win a Budget Box of our Season 1.1 - Target Identified! (And should he or she already own that, some of our future releases instead).

And no - my noggin might be shaped like one, but it is NOT the easter egg :D

Q&A videos are here to stay!

Where or what is the easter egg?
The Q&A videos seem to be rather popular - and we have many, many more questions that need answering. Therefore we have decided to keep posting Q&A videos in the future - outside the Advent calendar schedule -  to answer your questions!

The last couple of questions have been very interesting, and I love to get deeper into some of these - so we will introduce something 'very special' with our next Answer-o-mat. The BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL! Hahah! Teaser Alert! :P 

Thanks to all of you who participate and make it as interactive and as much fun for us as we hope it is fun for you :) 

You are all especially hoopy froods!


  1. The Easter Egg is still in the 6th video right?

  2. To be honest i dont really understand how to enter by sharing. It looks like a really fun thing to participate in though!

    1. Just share a link to the doorposts on Facebook or google+

    2. Yup. Click the 'share' button on FB, for example, and share it with your miniature friends :)

  3. And to win I have to tell you in the comments were it is?

    Ich denke man sieht die spitze des ostereies wenn man von dem Bild im aktuellen Post vom ersten“o“ von Thompson senkrecht runter geht bis auf die Höhe des Lautsprechers. also die gelbe eiförmige spitze die.hinter dem Lautsprecher hervorschaut?

    Sorry, in english it was Tor hard vor me ;)

    1. Haha :) No... an 'easter-egg' is not to be confused with a physical, real easter-egg. It is a 'hidden message' or a reference to a movie, a game or something like it. The Answer-o-mat in Q&A Part 2 actually tells you what the ANSWER is. You KNOW the answer. Now you just need to find the question :D

      Ah, I'm loving this :D

  4. nice game guys... did you plan to build this story in a trilogy of 5 volumes??

  5. I guess that I am getting to crazy with this :P
    President, Do you have an egg on your forehead in the "Ghostly" picture ?
    Or I am crazy O_o ?

    Or you are crazy ! :P

    I like your videos and i like the way you are answering the questions.

    1. OMG LOL!!!!

      No, it's not a 'real' easter-egg :D As I wrote above: An easter-egg is some hidden message. The answer is 42, but where is it hidden?

  6. The easter-egg is the number 42 in the slot-machine which is a reference to the movie "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" or "Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis" in german. In that movie 42 is the ultimate answer. In part 2 you said "You know the answer, now find the question" which is also a reference to the movie.

    Did I win? :-D

    1. The answer is in fact 42. BUT you have not found where it's hidden yet ;)

    2. It is on the tile for door #8, there is written est. 2142.
      Am I close or not? :)

  7. Thanks for the tip about the "Easter egg" I have been killing myself trying to find an actual egg... Now I'm going to go crazy trying to find some hidden questioned that referenced with some hidden hint...

  8. The Easteregg is sooo cool...:D... No, really... Well played, Bruddhas! :D...

  9. Okwhen the answer is 42, the hidden message could be the buttons on the left?
    When you lay down your head on the left shoulder and look at the machine you see the buttons who stand in front of the panel. 4 on the left and 2 on the right.

    Warm or cold? :-)

    1. Looks warm to me - but that's not it!
      That's just a coincidence ;)

  10. So the answer is 42? Mati is surrounded by two "42" in Part 3!- Is Mati that old? I don't believe that.
    Or is it the number of different symbols on the spins?

    You leave me back so clueless... :0(

    Best regards,

  11. The easter egg is not IN the Answer-o-Mat, it IS the Answer o Mat itself. It's actually the Deep Thought (the computer from the book Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy).

  12. The Easter Egg is the Number 42, as the answer in he Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy as the "Answer to The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything". It appears in the Answer o'Matic In the Adventskalender 8th door also you say that the last time you shaved your beard was "42 days after the start of the REVOLUTION. I hope I got this one. I'm losing my eyesight with all ths time in front of the pc.

  13. the 42! appears at the end of the video in Door 7#, in the lower right corner of the screen at 5.01.

  14. the 42! appears at the end of the video in Door 7#, in the lower right corner of the screen at 5.01., while you say the phrase "you know the answer, now find the question".

  15. God please be it, I have to study for an exam

  16. 42 is in the screen at 5:01 in the right lower corner of the screen of the Answer o Mat. And 42 is the price for the Best Deal in the Galaxy - starting at 42 Euros.

  17. Are you part of CEMA? The machine has it in very very small writing on the right which is short for Canadian Ethnic Media Association in hitchhikers guide to the galaxy? Bit of a guess haha.

  18. Fits with your reporting too :)

  19. "cause change" writing?. perhaps something with the numbers on the other button. fekk i give up on this easter egg now. D'OH!


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