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Monday, December 2, 2013

Paintingbuddha Adventskalender - Door #2

Paintingbuddha Adventskalender - Door #2

Unlock the power that is hidden behind secret doors!
Rules & How to Win

One year Painting Revolution - few of you were among the first and witnessed a time full of craziness and giveaways.

When we started a year ago, we barely had 100 followers on Facebook and just a handful of subscribers to this blog. Tonight (while I tried to figure out why my video wouldn't upload to YouTube), we reached a milestone by being 'liked' by exactly 2100 followers on Facebook. Our blog has had over 600,000 views since we started last year and our first ever DVD Set 'Target Identified' is likely to be sold out soon! 

It is on us to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your support! 

To commemorate our one year anniversary and the insane amount of support we have received from you, we are running the "21 Days of Hoopy Holidays" - a giveaway in at least 3-4 dimensions, possibly more!

Watch our explanatory video and see how you can reveal the secrets that are burried in our "Adzventzkalender" and what magical key it holds. A key that might just win you the GRAND PRIZE of this giveaway. 

Door #2 is revealed!

If you missed our 'wub wub vid' - the teaser video to this event, check it out here ;) 

Magic keys? How does THAT work?

Door #2 revealed the
first tile of the puzzle!
Each day we will reveal a tile of a puzzle and two mysteriously magical letters in our videos. Reveal the message from the future by assembling the puzzle and UNLOCK the secret message that hides within! Unlike traditional christmas calendars, our doors can only be unlocked late at night, when the ghosts of Painting Buddha past, present and future come out!

For convenience, you will always find the tiles of the puzzle in this blog, but the sacred letters - oh those magical 42 letters - are only revealed in the videos! You'll know what to do ;) 

On December 21st we will reveal to you how you can use your key for a chance to unlock YOUR grand prize

3 ways to win!

First, of course, only the puzzle that reveals the secret message can unlock the Grand Prize for you!

Secondly, you can secure your chance to win a daily prize by simply SHARING our daily Advent Calendar post on Facebook and Google+. EVERY DAY a prize, every day a giveaway. Each share is a ticket for the drawing of the daily prize!

What is your name? What is your quest?
What is the capital of Assyria?
And finally, you can double your chances to win the daily prize by asking us questions! Ask Ben, Mati or myself ANY question - and we might just answer! We will record and release a Q&A video answering your questions EVERY SATURDAY before Christmas! Your questions must be posted in the comments under the videos! 

There will be a video every day - so ask as many questions as you like! 

Best before...

The giveaways will run between December 1st and January 5th. ALL winners will be drawn on January 5th, all prizes will be sent out in January. What a way to start the new year! (And this time we'll be faster with sending out our prizes, we promise!)

Today's Daily prize

To me one of the most beautiful miniatures of 2013.
Today's daily prize is sponsored by yours truly - and it is Akelarre by Nocturna Miniatures. 

For me this miniature is definitely one of the most spectacular releases last year. 

The cast is absolutely mindblowing, the sculpt a dream and the design... OMG!

Do you remember how you can win? That's right! Share this post on Facebook - and to double your chances, post a question (or more) in the comments below our video for Door #2! 

I feel the win is strong in you! 


That's all for now - if you got questions, I have a great idea where you could turn these into a chance to win AND answers!


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  1. Have you ever felt in this year that all your hard work was not enough or not rightly recognized?

  2. What scale is the giveaway mini ?

  3. What scale is the giveaway mini ?

  4. Shared and enjoyed. My questions to you guys is short and simple: "will there be season with a fantasy hero like a dwarf captain or similar?"

  5. Shared and Enjoyed (Google +). Hope thats ok as well?

    My question to the holy ghosts:
    What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

    Call me bridgekeeper^^
    Best regards,

  6. Shared, liked, commented and generally pimped out :)

    My question is this; As the hobby grows and painting rather than gaming becomes a larger norm rather than "have to do" for games, where do you see the role of Teams?

    Will being in a team be an important aspect for the top painters and what are the benefits? So far we have the Painting Buddhas, but also Massive Voodoo and the Spanish Team et al.

  7. Sometime, perhaps you will travel to a US show?

  8. Do questions count if they are posted here? ;P

    1. I realized that, if you watch the video on the blog, I point to this comments section - we'll find your questions and consider them all.

      I did not want to wait to answer this question until Saturday :D

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Is there a roadmap to enlarge the products and the team of PB?

    1. Actually enlarging the products won´t be a good idea... Some of you will then have problems to sculpt the mini without using an elevator ;) I thought about expending the line of your products :P

  11. Hey Mich my sabre arrived today, thanks a lot, now im ready for the zombie apocalypse! :) My question is; how much $$$ do i owe you for postage? i guess i have to ask your paypal/bank no too, but then its two questions...

  12. All of the painting videos I know focus on 28mm and larger scales. In my opinion there is a lot of incredible and competition-worthy smaller scale stuff as well (think 6mm scale Mechs). I'd really love to see an artist like Ben tackle a small scale Mech. So ... any plans to do something for smaller scales than 28mm?

  13. What is the biggest thing you've learnt since starting painting buddha?

  14. Good lord. When do you sleep?!

  15. Shared! When will your American classes begin? :)

  16. Shared ;),

    What are you doing when you don't want to paint but need to do it?

  17. Shared and enjoyed on Facebook :)

    I have 2 questions:

    1.) Will there be fantasy minis in future seasons?
    2.) Can the win mini be bought somewere?

  18. hi

    a so easy one... the answer to life the universe and everything?? is that then why the DVD starts at 42 euros ??? ;)

  19. What is the most surprising thing you've found in your beard?

  20. If you were a hostess snack cake, what would you be filled with?

  21. So now that I have just seen this fantastic event starting today (I too have been sick), have I missed the chance to see tile 3? Can I asune that tile 4 will be done later today? Because when you say these tiles are revealed late at night, is that your late at night? I live in Canada so do I need to adjust for a few time zones?...

    1. Technical difficulties with video #3. But it should be up in the next minutes - or as we like to say SOON™. :D

  22. Guys, awesome questions so far! Some of them really made me think! I am looking forward to the Q&A video myself now :)


  23. So, how much practice does it take to become a better painter?

  24. *** Error 42 *** Databanks full ***
    Our Answer-o-mat will not accept any more questions in this post :)


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