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Monday, December 16, 2013

Painting Buddha Adventskalender - Door #14

Painting Buddha Adventskalender - Door #14
This week's final Q&A session

It is done - after some much needed sleep over the weekend, three doors have been opened in a day and we are almost caught up ;)

I guess I need Santa to get me a 42 disk RAID array so I don't have to wait hours on my render machine ;) 

Question and Answers 71-84

As you probably can tell from the videos, we had a lot of fun answering your questions - both serious or silly ;) 

The hardest part was not laughing all the time during editing - very exhausting indeed as I mostly failed at this :P

We will definitely keep something like these Q&A session up for the future as we think that it's a great opportunity for you to get to know us a little better and for us to respond to you more directly. Full of win! :P

Season 1.2 and 1.3 Update behind door #15

We will open door number 15 some time tomorrow around noonishly™. And with that a whole new era will start for Paintingbuddha - our first .x releases.

Don't expect it to be normal :P 

Tile behind door #14

The picture of our little puzzle becomes clearer and clearer. 

Feel free to share your current status on our Facebook Page - as you can already see into the future! 

Soon the picture will be completed and the most interesting parts will be revealed ^^ Coincidentally, we saved the best for last :P

Two more letters to the key-phrase have been unveiled in the video and I am sure many of you are very close to solving the riddle. We will tell you what to do with that soon™. 

And today's hoopy prize is...

Two more Supporter T-Shirts for a lucky winner and whoever he or she wants to make happy with the partner look ;) 

And if you would like to see how great these T-shirts really are, I recommend this post. Much Buddha. Very Quality. Such Fair!

Once you truly understand our commitment to work for you and (y)our community exclusively, you will proudly wear the shirt and boldly glow where no Nerd has glowed before! :D

Hm... Next edition: Glowing shirts,... Typo gave me an idea :D

So head over to our Facebook Page and SHARE our post with your friends on Google+ and/or Facebook for a chance to win a daily prize. Each share enters you for the respective daily giveaway. 

And sharing twice is not only twice as nice - it also doubles your chances of winning the respective daily prize. Until January 5th!

Good luck, everybruddha!

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  1. Shared and Enjoyed. And watch "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty".

  2. loving the new look answer-o-mat
    thanks for answering my Q i like the way mati just appeared on your sofa lol.
    shared and enjoyed ;)


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