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Friday, December 6, 2013

Breaking News: Painting Buddha Q&A video extended!

21 Days of Hoopy Holidays giveaway
Slight change of plans!

Q&A videos will be recorded TODAY - 2 parts planned now!

We had planned to just release one Q&A video per week, but we got so many awesome questions from you guys that we will put out a Q&A video for Saturday AND for TODAY! 

Since both videos will be recorded today, please get your questions in in the next few hours so we can FEATURE YOU in our video! There will be Q&A videos every Saturday until the last door of our Adventkalender is opened! 

Here are the 5 doors we have opened so far: 

Door 1: Teaser Wub-Wub-Video (blog - video)
Door 2: Explanation of Rules (blog - video)
Door 3: Ghost of the Past TV - Event Review Part 1 (blog - video)
Door 4: Ghost of the Past TV - Event Review Part 2 (blog - video)

Door 5: Fun mit Flags (and statistics, ja!) (blog - video)

Here is the Youtube-playlist, if you just want to sit back and enjoy, while we share ;)

And remember: Collecting the puzzle tiles from blog/video will help you decipher the secret pass-key of letters that you will find ONLY in the videos. Believe us, the Grand Prize you can unlock with this is EPIC!

Please use Youtube comments for your questions! 

It would be great if you had a few more questions for us, especially to the Ghost of Painting Buddha Past (so about the last year), but really, any question goes! Ben and Mati are also waiting for more questions ;) 

You would help us tremendously by putting questions in the comments under the Youtube videos - right now we have to collect questions from all different kind of places :D




  1. Here my question for today: How many "Outtakes" did you get while making the first season DVD Set?

  2. Let's do a serious one this time then. Choosing colour schemes. How do you deal with neutral colours? Like white and black, are they never considered when choosing a colour scheme using the colour wheel?

  3. Ok man, I have a question.

    Masterminis/PB seems to strike an excellent balance between community and commercial viability. Do you think you're striking the right balance? What advice would you give to an aspiring company looking to engage more with its fans?

    Kev Walsh -

  4. For the ghosts of the past--what was each of your personal favorites (best in show) at each event or overall for all the events you attended?

  5. When will the new seasons release? Aaaaaand will they have their own miniatures like in season 1.1?
    Will your miniature range be in stock until the end of times? I'm planning to paint Brad and Yanet following the Dvd but when I grew older maybe want to paint them again. Will this be posible?

  6. Thanks for your questions! We'll put the answers in the next batch of questions. We might even do additional Q&A vids as we have so many awesome questions!

    If you all would put your questions under the YouTube videos you would help us quite a bit! This way we won't miss any ;)

    Other than that.

    *** Error 42 *** Databanks full ***
    Our Answer-o-mat will not accept any more questions in this post :)


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