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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Painting Buddha Adventskalender - Door #7: Q&A Part 2

Painting Buddha Adventskalender - Door #7: 
Q&A Part 2

More Questions, more answers, still one easter-egg! 

Part 2 of our Question & Answer session is up! 

If you would like to address questions to Mati, Ben or myself (or all of us), please leave your questions in the comment section under the Youtube videos! 

Here is today's video: 

"Magical Tile" rumored to unlock secret key-phrase!

Another of the 21 mysterious tiles has been revealed in today's Adventskalender! 

The two new letters that will unlock the magical key-phrase are only to be found in the video above. You will NEED these to have a chance of winning the ULTIMATE GRAND PRIZE of our "21 Days of Hoopy Holidays" giveaway!

I can only tell you this much: If you don't participate and find out what the prize is, you'll bite yourself somewhere I won't mention right now... True story, Bruddha!

Daily Giveaway prize

By sharing this blog entry with your friends on Facebook and Google+, you enter for a chance to win the daily prize! All prizes will be drawn on January 5th and EVERY counts as a ticket for you! Sharing twice will double your chances of winning. ;) 

Asking questions on the Youtube videos, by the way, will also double your chances! How about that!!!

Today's prize has been sponsored by none other than Rusto of Sergeant Blackart! Rusto just won the coveted "Best of Show" at probably the toughest competition in the world right now, the Monte San Savino show. 

Check out Seargeant Blackart's beautifully crazy designs, like today's prize: Joe Petrosino! Design, cast, packaging - everything is top notch! 

Paintingbuddha Season 1.1 DVD set 75% sold out!

Our paintingbuddha Season 1.1 - Target Identified DVD sets are going fast. At the moment we do not plan to re-release the Budget Box or the Supporter Box after they are gone. Checking out our webshop might not be the worst thing to do! :D


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