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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Paintingbuddha Adventskalender - Door #4

Paintingbuddha Adventskalender - Door #4 
It's Showtime - part 2! 

Even though Youtube still seems to hate me, we managed to get our Door#4 up late at night on the 4th. What do you mean it is the fifth already? Call Ancorage, San Diego or even Honolulu and they will tell you it's late at night - and the Ghosts of the Past are out!

We need faster machines... overclocked i7s don't cut it no more. Need MOAR POWER! ^^

Door #4

Let's open door number four today! Y? That is correct! The tile reveals a mysterious 'Y'... and the next two letters that could give you the chance to unlock the Grand Prize have also been revealed - only in the video, though...

If you are new to this, check out this post that will explain how everything works.

And don't forget to leave your questions - preferably - under the Youtube videos (or here, or on FB :P)

Today's Azdventzkalendar video

Today we continue our review of miniature events of 2013. Will someone get the perfect score of 42? Who received only 22 points? Find out in today's exciting installment of 'Ghosts of Painting Buddha Past': 

Check out the reports and tons of pictures to these events: 

Games Day UK (part 1 - part 2)

Hussar 2013 (Epic battles of miniature history part 1)
Games Day Italy (Epic battles of miniature history part 2)
Monte San Savino (Must see!)

And finally today's Daily Prize

Courtesy of Jesus from Nocturna Miniatures, I present to you my FAVORITE new release for 2013. "Luz, New York" from Nocturna's new Apocalypse line. After I told Jesus, what we are doing at and he immediately offered to take any miniature I like for a giveaway! I bought one Luz for me, and one is for a lucky winner - and that could be you :) 

Check out the other spectecular Nocturna releases, for example Alice or some of their historic stuff... The quality of both sculpts and cast is second to none!

How to win? Just share this blog entry on Facebook or Google+ and to double your chances - ASK US A QUESTION!

You know the drill:


Day 1 - Day 2 - Day 3 - Day 4 - Day 5 - Day 6 - Day 7 


  1. what I can say but a massive THANK YOU for MSS reportage and this review, that actually points out the best (and worst) features of the show - and we always appreciate suggestions more than congrats, as we have to improve!!
    I'll bet on 39 tonite :-)
    love you guys!

  2. Shared and enjoyed ;-)

    Harrharr, the face of my wife this morning... Said to here :"please be quit, want to open the door of the adventskalender!"
    Here answer: " why? Do you think the chocolate will cry and run away?"

    And here the question: Why do women understand everything wrong ...?

    Best regards, Dellolyn

    Have a nice day guys!

  4. Shared and pimped out. I really love this model!!! Praying to the all the Buddha Ghosts for a win :) Keep up the great work, Peter (Paintingdojo)

  5. Shared & Enjoyed as always!
    Will there be some kind of abonnement for your miniatures/ DVD sets by the way?

    Best regards,

  6. Shared... And here is the Question for today: If you hit yourself hard and it hurts... Are you Weak or are You Strong?

  7. Shared & Enjoyed on Facebook.

    And my question for today: Will you stick with 54mm minis for your DVD sets or will you change scale in the seasons?

  8. Shared and enjoyed immensely on every platform i'm on :-)
    this model by the way is beautiful!!!!!

    todays question is.....................would you prefer to be chased by 1 HORSE SIZE DUCK or 42 DUCK SIZE HORSES?


  9. Mati--will you be doing any more sculpts for upcoming releases?

  10. *** Error 42 *** Databanks full ***
    Our Answer-o-mat will not accept any more questions in this post :)


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