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Friday, December 6, 2013

Paintingbuddha Adventskalender - Door #6: Q&A - Part 1

Paintingbuddha Adventskalender - Door #6
Q&A - part 1

3x14 Answers

All I wanted was to edit a quite little Q&A video - nothing fancy, something quick - so that I could recover from a few very, very long days of video editing...

But then I thought "we got so many great questions, we need something cool, something more flexible so we can do this more often - without a lot of work"...

And then I remembered an idea that I had a few months ago... Me and my ideas... :D

So here is the pimped up version of what was supposed to be three guys sitting in front of the camera with a piece of paper. It could have been so EASY! But then again, I learned so much new stuff for our next DVD releases and had SO MUCH FUN doing this that I totally forgot to sleep in the last 42 hours :D

I hope you like it ;) Please direct your questions to us in the comments under the Youtube videos! It makes the whole process much easier for us! 

And if you don't know what this strange tile is, you have missed the start of the biggest miniature giveaway event of 2013 - The "21 Days of Hoopy Holidays!" are here!

Well, you have not really missed it completely, but you are at least later than this video! The giveaways will run until January 5th - so no need to panic (yet)! For those who know what the tile is - you will find two new letters for the secret key-phrase in the video!

Questions, Answers and Easter Eggs!

It would be very hoopy of you if you put all of your future questions under the comments of the Youtube videos. It makes everything much easier for us! We will have 3 Q&A vids up for a total of 42 questions and answers. Of course! :D

Easter-eggs for the Holidays? WIN a BUDGET BOX!

2 world-class painters, 6 DVDs
2 miniatures - 42 Euros!!!
Only winning them is cheaper!
I have hidden an easter-egg in today's video! So it is a little harder to actually win today's prize, BUT the first one who posts the correct answer to what the easter-egg is (in the Youtube comments to this video!!!!!) will receive a shiny new Budget Box! 

We redesigned our shipping box for the Budget Boxes - they look much nicer now and are much easier to handle for us. Be one of the first to receive a functional cardboard box with hoopy content :D

Part 2 of the Q&A videos coming soon(er)™

Now that I programmed the Slot machine in After Effects, putting up more videos will not take 25 hours of work from Ben, Mati and me... For not even 6 minutes of silly, but good looking videos... 

We love to pay attention to all the little details. Check out our Painting Buddha web-shop and see for yourself ;) 


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  1. shared an enjoyed :-)

    and yes,the question at youtube.
    By the way,your adventskalender is awesome!!!

    Best regards,Dellolyn

  2. Shared and enjoyed... A Link to your youtube channel would be quite helpful to open your videos there and comment them ^^ Thx guys for the nice christmas time ^^

    Best regards,


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