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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Paintingbuddha Adventskalender - Door #5

Paintingbuddha Adventskalender - Door #5 

Fun mit Flags! (and statistics, ja?)

Today it's short & sweet!

Since we started our blog in September last year and started shipping our first miniature painting instruction set "Season 1.1 - Target Identified", the amount of support we received from you has been incredible. 

So today we want to share some statistics about or blog, our viewership (that would be YOU), and our Bruddhas from across the globe with you. 

Fun with flags!

Emergency Giveaway ^^

The next tile in our epic giveaway!
I did a little 'Emergency Giveaway' because I just felt like it - we asked a) from how many of the 196 countries our blog had been accessed since we started it and b) which country has the least views per Bruddha. 

If you got either of them right, you would win a T-Shirt, if you actually got both, you would win a Supporter Box! 

And actually, ONE of you got at least one of the two right! I won't spoil the video here, but I am happy that someone will receive a Painting Buddha Supporter T-Shirt soon ;) 

Daily Prize, mysterious Tile and secret key-phrase

As always, the magical two new letters for the key-phrase can only be seen in the video! But they do have the power to unlock the ULTIMATE GRAND PRIZE - all you gotta do is catch them all ;) 

Today's daily prize is the now out-of-production 'Beast' from JMD. This massive 54mm monster of now out of business French manufacturer JMD Miniatures is truly a collectors item and a beauty to behold. It comes mint from my private collection - I won't have the time to paint it anyways. 

I have been a big fan of JMD Miniatures - especially their awsome range of busts - and for them to close their doors was one of the sad developments in the Miniature scene in 2013.

As always during our "21 days of Hoopy Holiday" Giveaway event, you can win this miniature by simply SHARING & ENJOYING our Facebook post with your friends on Facebook and Google. By asking us questions (for this week preferably about the PAST of Painting Buddha) in the Youtube videos, you can DOUBLE your winning chances! 

So you know what to do! 


Day 1 - Day 2 - Day 3 - Day 4 - Day 5 - Day 6 - Day 7 

And if you like, please consider supporting us :) 


  1. Shared and enjoyed.

    Everybody speaks about the DVDs of season 1.1, so my question is about the figures.
    "how long does it take to sculpt the miniatures and what was the first ideas before sculpting them?"

    Best regards, Dellolyn

  2. You told us about the artwork that inspired brad ( same as best of show at mss 2013), but what was the inspiration for yanet?

  3. Shared and enjoyed on Facebook. And I would like to know what was your funniest or most memoriable moment while making season 1.1

  4. Ben--do you have a favorite technique? Weathering, blood effects, etc?

  5. What did you bring to Monte San Savino expo?

  6. Shared & enjoyed....Question on youtube channel ^^

    Best regards,

  7. What's been the proudest moment as a Painting Bruddha so far?


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