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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Paintingbuddha Adventskalender - Door #3

Paintingbuddha Adventskalender - Door #3
It's Showtime!

2013 was a great year for us when it comes to visiting shows. 

Behind door number three of our "Adzventzkalender" you will find part one of our 2013 show review - and of course the next tile of the magical puzzle and two more letters to unlock the mysterious key-phrase! 

My apologies for the late post of this - we just checked and verified that in fact nowhere on the planet is still the 3rd. Not even in Baltimore. 

We had a harddrive-error which resulted in the After Effects render queue to crash twice (after around 5-6 hours each). The problem is resolved now and we should release our doors in a more timely fashion. I want Santa to bring us some high-tech gear so that the editing, post-production and rendering of our videos goes more swiftly ;)

Event links

If you liked the video, you might also like our blog reports about the presented events:

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Your event information please! 

If you are organizer of an event, let us know about it! No matter how small or big your event is - we'll advertise it for you for FREE! Contact us on our Facebook page or via email!

Door Number three

If you just joined us in our celebration of our "21 Days of Hoopy Holidays", behind door one was a wub-wub-vid as a teaser to our epic Adzventzkalender giveaway and behind door number two the Ghost of Painting Buddha Past provided an explanation on how everything works. 

You will find the second tile on the right ;) 

As you know, those magical letters can only be found in the video! You will need those to unlock the key-phrase for a chance to win the GRAND PRIZE!

Today's Daily Prize! 

All giveaways run until the 5th of January - so you got a lot of time for SHARING!

Today's daily prize: Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson. The prize was sponsored by Fernando Ruiz from Heroes and Villains miniatures. He's such an awesome guy! :D

There is something really special about these miniatures, and that is the QR-Code on the box. When you scan that with your smart-phone, it directs you to an extensive step-by-step instruction on how to paint these beautifully designed and superbly casted miniatures. What a great idea!

Remember there are three ways of winning: 

The puzzle will grant you a glance of the future while the key-phrase will give you a chance to win the grand prize! Here's the how-to-win post and video.

EVERY share of our daily calendar with your friends on Facebook and Google+ is your ticket for a chance of winning the daily prize. You can double your chances by also asking us a question - which we ask you to put into the comments to the video on Youtube. But we'll find your questions in other areas, too ;) 

For each Saturday until December 21st Ben, Mati and myself will create a Q&A video for you! So don't be shy. Ask away! ANYTHING! Questions about Life, the Universe and EVERYTHING :D


Day 1 - Day 2 - Day 3 - Day 4 - Day 5 - Day 6 - Day 7 


  1. Do you consider visiting scale model challenge in eindhoven in 2014?

  2. Does your pet get jealous of all the time you are putting into you business?

  3. hi guys loving the calender so far. I look forward to seeing the next door open everyday :-) keep up the good work

    seeing your love for miniatures and the hobby in general would you consider in the future producing models and a gaming platform?

    Or would that detract from your original ideas and visions?

    wub wub wub wub

  4. Do you get ideas after or before beers?

  5. "Beers"....;)... Right...

    Again, shared and Enjoyed! :D... I want to have those Minis! :D...

  6. Shared and Enjoyed....

    Will there be a PB bust in the future?

    Best regards,

  7. Again, shared and Enjoyed!

    And question 4 you: Have you thought about an 1080p movie file for download (code for that comes with the bought season) or offering a blu ray version of the painting series?

  8. Shared and enjoyed.

    Will there ne a short arm T-Shirt muscleshirt of the painting Buddha shirt for the summer?

    Best regards, Dellolyn

  9. Do you have a favorite piece you have done? Not necessarily one that is technically the best, it could be sentimental one.

  10. sharing like a b*tch! another question, how many miniatures do you own? EXACTLY. ;)

  11. Guys you are awesome! And Nocturna's model are my favourite :D see what you have to do ;)

    Are there any chances you're going to buy "liquore strega" again? I remember you enjoyed it in MSS!

  13. *** Error 42 *** Databanks full ***
    Our Answer-o-mat will not accept any more questions in this post :)


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