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Monday, April 29, 2013

Two 'different' indiegogo campaigns

Three posts on one day? That is unheard of :D

We all have seen the big miniature companies like Reaper or all the different Coolminiornot rake in millions with their kickstarters. Sometimes this saddens me, as the spirit of Kickstarter & Co. should not be to sell product but to help small new companies 'start up' their business. 

So today I have two very small fundraising campaigns for you - check 'em out!


My buddy Edwin Smolinski asked me to share information about this cute little fundraiser with you.  And I ask you this - who does not like Mushrooms!

The artist Kamil "Smok" Milaniuk set his goal at only 1500$ of which 440$ are already pledged with 39 days to go. Have a look, my fungulicious friends!

Chibi Fantasy

Bluuuaaaaargh! Fuuuu fuuuuuu fuuuuu!
I am a big Chibi fan. When I lived in Japan, I tried to draw some Manga - and with the exception of Chibi characters failed miserably. When I try to draw a circle, it ends up looking like a triangle. I am not an artist, I just work here...

Chibi Fantasy is a collection of Chibi Ghosts, Wraiths, Bats and Jellies. I really love these little critters, I think they look awesome! 

The sculptor Ale Burano made these and with a goal of only 650$ I am certain that this project will be funded. Check out the campaign here.

OK, I think this will be the last post for today ^^

Happy nerding, whereever you are!

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There are often Giveaways hidden here for people like you. 

Oh! Look! 

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