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Friday, April 5, 2013

Looking for missing winners

Greetings, my most excellent miniature lovers! 

42 giveaways update
I was finally able to send out all of the prizes to everyone who has contacted me, the last ones will be sent out tomorrow. I have sent all winners a confirmation email, but I am still missing quite a few winners, who have not yet contacted me. 

So, if you have participated and neither have received your prize NOR received a confirmation email from me yet, please check the giveaways again: 

'Back then' I said I would reserve the prizes until April 1st, but I am just going to extend this until the end of the year. This will possibly be the last reminder, though. 

Make sure, you send your email to masterminis[[at]] if you want to claim your prize. 

Monday Giveaway & "Big News"

There are currently three giveaways running: 3x Limited Dark Angels Codex (limited to only 2000 worldwide and quickly sold out). 

[TEASE]There will be some exciting big news on Monday.[/TEASE]

WE (hint) will draw these three prizes on Monday. All you have to do is leave a comment under these posts to have a chance to win!

Have a great weekend everybody - and get your brushes out!


  1. Looking forward to getting home after a week away due to work, and taking brush to paint, and paint to model.. best way to unwind indeed!

  2. Cheers to the Revolution!!! I'm so loving the Giveaways!!! I might have to travel to Berlin (wink) to retrieve my GW XXX celebration three dwarves prize (wink wink). I think next week does the trick for me (wink wink wink).

    1. nudge, nudge, twinkle, twinkle,
      SAY NO MORE! :D

    2. Just for the giveaway? (Honk, honk) if I were in your place I would do some sightseeing and sightfilming (honkawonka) as well.

  3. Thanks for sending the email saying you have now shipped my prize. Seems great minds do indeed think alike as I remember yesterday just before falling asleep I need to send another email to the Galactic president to make sure he got my email

  4. mmhmmmm

    i won 2 things but didnt get an mail from you :(

    1. Theeeen you did not send your mail to mastermins at ;)
      Just go ahead and send again - please include your address!


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