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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Nothing to see here - move along: 210,000 viewers workshop giveaway!

NOTHING to see here, move along.
(Oh, and we give away a Jeremy Bonamant Teboul workshop - see below)

A sense of proportion. 

This Sunday I learned what happens, when a massively large blog posts links to information on an insignificantly small blog. Naftka's Faeit212 blog on 'Warhammer & 40k rumors and news' reported about the 'Buddhaleak Files' which resulted in 3000 views on a Sunday (the slowest day of the week) which is so weird that I first feared it to be some sort of spammer attack ^^. 

Realizing how many views Faeit212 must have gave me a sense of proportion. We are a small, but beautifully active blog with 461 subscribers :D It's kinda like when in the 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy', Zaphod Beeblebrox was sentenced to enter the 'Total Perspective Vortex' to realize his own insignificance in comparison to the size of the universe (which would drive the sentenced person utterly and irreconcilably insane - or fry his brain in the process). 

As we all know, Zaphod came out of the Vortex just fine, having been shown only what he had known all along - he was at the center of the universe. ^^Nothing to see here - move along!

A lot of people ask me how someone with my background could possibly decide to start a business in the miniature painting and hobby 'industry'. Too nerdy, too few people do it, declining numbers of painters and gamers,... Chances of success? None, zero, zilch, nada. 

A lot of people do not understand our passion for the hobby. For them, there is NOTHING to look at. 

Let me show you what some other people found, when they tried to look at 'Nothing': 

In a way, miniature painting is like pointing a telescope towards a blank patch in the night sky. As you look at a miniature, at first you would think there is not much there. But then, as you gradually become proficient at painting miniatures, understanding colors, light, contrast and painting techniques, you begin to really 'see' and understand what miniature painting truly means. You gain that sense of proportion, the sense of perspective, you see the universe and the world you live in with with newly developed, heightened senses. You realize that the blank patch in the night sky is not blank at all, it is filled with billions of Galaxies - and cannot help but to be forever changed by it. 
So go ahead, try it! Point a brush towards a blank miniature - and unlock the universe that lies within!

How it all started for me.

2007. The year I made contact.
The first 'professional workshop' I ever attended was back in 2006, here in Berlin: A workshop with the legendary French painter Jeremie Bonamant Teboul. In respect to masterminis and you could easily say that this workshop changed my life. 

And now Jeremie is back - from a short '2 year bicycle trip through Afrika' to hold another Workshop in Berlin. 
Tickets were sold out within a day

We just broke 210,000 viewers on - half way to 420,000 (by now you know I loooove the number 42, I hope). To me, this is quite amazing as we (after some initial testing and dabbling with 'blog technology') started to seriously blog around August of 2012 - not even 9 months ago. At the moment we are at around 35,000-40,000 viewers a month. I am humbled by these numbers and find it quite amazing to say the least. Let me give a big 'Thank You' to all of you! 

So today, we give away a workshop with Jeremie! 

If you are available between Friday, July 5th and Sunday July 7th, 2013 and would like to win a free ticket to attend Jeremie's workshop here in Berlin, please put the tag [JBT] in your comment below. Travel expenses are not included, but I am sure we can help you to find affordable accommodation, if you like. If you would just like to comment but can't attend the workshop, just comment without the [JBT]. 

Here some more detailed information on the workshop on the website of one of the best miniature and gaming store in the world, Battlefield Berlin. (German)

Maybe this workshop will change your life, too! :D

UK GD 2012 Slayer Sword Winner - Karol Rudyk Workshop

Just to let you know, Battlefield Berlin will host another Workshop this year - this time with UK GD 2012 Slayer Sword Winner Karol Rudyk (workshop will be in english). There are VERY few spots left, so Jack be nimble, Jack be quick!

Have a great day!

Zaphod Beeblebrox


  1. [JBT] really i want to participate in this Workshop and learn to be a better painter


  2. [JBT] Jeremie had a very similar effect upon me when I attended figostock nearly 3 years, my painting ability jumped up massively! Very generous prize u crazy german dude!

  3. [JBT] Was never able to afford one of this workshops as a PhD student. But with a free ticket this may be the revolution

  4. I'll win - to paint my collection

  5. JBT
    i would be like the happiest guy in the world should i win.

  6. [JBT] great idea:) realy love Jeremie Bonamant Teboul works so lets try to win :)

  7. [JBT] well, its worth a shot. helop helping a self-learned-only guy to become better ;)

  8. [JBT] Thats awsome. Have to try it. Would be an amazing birthday gift, since my birthday is on the 7th of July :D
    So I try to win ^^

  9. [JBT] OMG! Really would love to go to it, I tried to buy a ticktet, but was gone for two days and *bam* sold out :(
    Would be amazing and meeting up with you would be a possibility to then Zaphod ;)

  10. [JBT] Really? A workshop? Its that the way, you give it to the community?
    If it is, its awesome!
    If not, ...its awesome to! :)

    And damn....sit down, take your brushes and paint a ******** damn mother******* miniature for the GD!!!!

  11. [JBT] You are the best Micha! I would realy like join the workshop but my budget as a student is so damn empty in these days :( This could be a last chace :)

  12. [JBT] would love to be there! I started painting again recently after a break of 1.5 years and I cant wait to improve- Jeremie's workshop would be the perfect opportunity for me!

  13. [JBT] Travel be damned.. I will find a way to Berlin to attend if I win :) It has been like.. what.. a couple weeks since I was in Germany last? That is just so wrong! :)

  14. [JBT] learning from jeremie himself would be just way too awesome! I can still remember all the enthuthiastic storys about the workshop in 2006 :-)
    And congrats on the 210 000 viewers!

  15. I wouldn't mind travelling to Berlin for a workshop with Mr. Bananaman! XD

  16. [JBT] Congrats on the many viewers!
    We could all learn from a master like Jeremie, there's always the possibility for another input to take you to the next level :-)

  17. [JBT] Really nice Idea :) Hope that the winner will have much fun on the weekend with Jeremy.

  18. [JBT]JEREMIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! First time i heard from him was a DVD review by Toolinger. Very nice and clean stile, whatever who will win the workshop ticket, he will have a great time and so much to learn from him.

  19. [JBT] I am not free, but my wife is - she is a better painter than me and I would love to see the look on her face if I won this for her...

  20. [JBT] you know, I'm never satisfied with my works... perhaps Jeremie can change this? Ireally could need J to improve my skills

  21. [JBT] Very good idea! I hope I can upgrade my skills on this workshop! :D

  22. 5 July I will celebrate my 35 birthday ... would it be a gift!
    Coloured Dust

  23. [JBT]Again a giveaway... Very kind and all that. Hope to attend the class and meet all of you guys again. :-)

  24. [JBT] I a am too late, I guess!? ^^ Tremendous entry by Jeremie at the crystal brush by the way.

  25. [JBT]... LBT... [JBT]... LBT
    can you see the connection. Really like to be there.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. You can still enter to win until midnight EST today (that's US time) / 7am CET (Apr 23rd).

      The winners will be announced tomorrow morning (Tue 23rd)!
      Good luck!

  27. He certainly is an inspiration. And even after a 2 year break, you can see he still has it, boom!

  28. [JBT] i am not the only one want to get better i see, would be a great meeting to see Jeremie paint, i will win this for sure =)
    Rock on!


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