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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Paintingbuddha DVD Set 'Season 1' - Update

Greetings my fun fellow figure fans!

Today I would like to give those of you who pre-ordered the Season 1 DVD Set a quick little update on our progress.
Since we announced the delay in the shipping of our first product we have received nothing but positive and encouraging feedback from the community. This is very motivating for all of us and you can rest assured that we put all efforts forward to get you the first DVD set as soon as possible.

We even cancelled our participation at the Crystal Brush in Chicago and the Herzog von Bayern in May in order to 'get it done'.

Finishing the DVD is our ONLY priority right now.

Our "Marín Especial" - Volomir

As you may have read, Rafael "Volomir" (CMON) García Marín has finished his filming with us last week.

Having him here in Berlin was a lot of fun - and his paintjob on the Season 1 Diorama is nothing short of mindblowing. On his three DVDs (out of a total of six!) you will learn how he uses a mixture of airbrush and classic multi-layering techniques to create incredibly smooth blendings - at an unprecedented pace.

Among the important German phrases he learnt while staying here were such classics as: "Frühstück draußen" and "NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN THOUSAND!"

Ah, yes - and of course "Ab heute kein Pferd mehr!" 
"Frühstück draußen."
   I had the small bowl of fruit. Please eat responsibly. :D       

Ben's Magical Blending Cap 9000

Today we finished re-filming Ben's diorama. The next two weeks will be editing, cutting, subtitleing and authoring work. Yum! Almost as good as Frühstück draußen. 

Like Rafa, Ben has an incredible feel for color. Wielding his multi-award-winning 'wet-blending-technique' he creates miniatures that just look alife. 

And he is fast. Very fast.

Rafa snatched two of the 42 collectible Buttons for Season 1
and stuck 'em to his backpack. Do I see Brad & Yanet there?
Don't we all want to be faster painters?

More light, more cameras, more monitors, more action

Since we decided to take all of our footage again, we added some extra equipment. 

7 daylight lamps - If you see shadows now, they are painted. 

Extra palette cam - we bought a third  camera so we can capture all the wet palette action for you - there will be no question, which color the artists are using or how they organize their palettes. 

Paintingbuddha presents: Tanning Salon 1.0 - it WORKS!
Ben wears his 'magical blending cap 9000'.
Stay tuned - subscribe - learn to be a better painter! :)



  2. Replies
    1. Indeed. With badass daylight bulbs 6500k 1250 lumen ;)

  3. Do you know a good online store for those light bulbs?

    1. I got these at Conrad Electronic. They are called "Megaman MEGAMAN ESL HELIX 20W-E27/865".

      Awesome light for painting, very little heat development.

      However, be aware that even though they are 50Hz, the will flicker very slightly ON VIDEO with shutter speeds faster than 1/50th of a second. We film at 1/30th so it works fine.


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