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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Games Day Germany IV - Limited Miniatures Update

Games Day Germany Rumors - Update IV

(GD Germany Updates: I - II - III)

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Here a quick little update about the Games Day Germany 2013

These are the confirmed 'english guests' of Games Day Germany
  • Jervis Johnson (Game Designer) 
  • Phil Kelly (Game Designer) 
  • Jeremy Vetock (Game Designer) 
  • Seb Perbet (Miniature Designer) 
  • Dale Stringer (Miniature Designer) 
  • Steve Bowerman (Army Painter) 
  • Edgar Skomorowski (Warhammer Forge and Forgeworld) 
  • Dominik Oedinger (Forge-World-Book Designer)
And apparently, these are the 40k and WH Forge World GD limited minis. I like! 

I also really dig the Army on Parade trophies... But I would not even get a single mini finished, so why bother with an Army display ^^

1 comment:

  1. To be honest I think the GD minis look rather bland and inspirationless. AoP trophies are on the other hand pretty cool!


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