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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Games Day / Painting Buddha update

Gooood morning, masterminipainters!

Paintingbuddha DVD Re-Filming Update

Saturday! Wooot! Most of you will enjoy a nice weekend with spring in the air. We here at masterminis are enjoying re-filming our DVD 1 Painting Instruction Set with Rafael García Marín, aka "Volomir". In reference to the Spanish name "Space Marine", I just call him "Marín Especial".

Rafael 'Volomir' García Marín
and Ben 'White Rabbit' Komets
For those of you that already know Rafa it comes as no surprise that working with him does not feel like work at all - he is not only an incredibly skilled painter but also one of the nicest people I know. In short: We are having a LOT of fun :D 

A 'best of' collection of all the crazy fun we have during the production of his video would probably fill up a DVD by itself.

The evil Murphy continued throwing a few dozen curveballs our way, but we hit them all home, so take that, Murphy! :D

We will continue to film throughout the weekend and up to Tuesday, when we will release Volomir from his shackles and he returns home to Madrid. 

Games Day / Golden Demon 

What a wild week we witnessed. 

It is hard to imagine that you have missed this, as almost 8000 people read the last three posts regarding the 'leaked' Games Day Germany documents. But IF for whichever weird coincidence you have, you might want to read up on all the hot news in these three articles:

- Part 1: Leaked internal GW memo

So what do we know so far about the dates and venues of Games Days worldwide:

Games Day US
July 27th, Memphis, Tennessee (Yeeeehaaaaw!)
Tickets available April 20th, limited to 1000

Games Day Germany
August 11th, Cologne, Germany (old location)
Tickets available April 20th, limited to 2000

Games Day Japan
September 23rd, Tokyo, Japan
No Ticket information available

Games Day Italy
Will take place, info expected in May WD (Global)

Games Day UK
Will take place, info expected in May WD (Global)

Are we going?

Indeed we will TRY TO (if we can get tickets, that is) to the following Games Days for sure:
- US, Germany, Japan

Depending on the dates we also want to participate in GD Italy and GD UK. 

Of course we plan to enter in all of the Golden Demons (expect some wild stuff) and will post extensive reports and videos of the event. We are really looking forward to this year's Golden Demon season :) 

So - stay tuned, if you haven't yet, maybe consider subscribing and most of all...

... have a GREAT WEEKEND!


P.S.: Don't forget our two current giveaways. Just leave a comment under this post to enter!

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