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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Two busy weeks: GW rumors & facts and other stuff to wrap up

Good evening!

Artist rendering of my clueless friend.
The last couple of weeks were quite interesting from a hobbyist perspective. A good friend of mine just talked to me and - because he usually only reads blogs on the weekend - had no clue of any of the developments with regards to Games Days, new releases. the big Finecast discussion or Paintingbuddha updates or anything really that has been going on in the miniature scene lately. 

He recommended something like a weekly 'summary' post, maybe even something that could be made into a comprehensive Menu item since the history view and the navigation in Bloggers is kinda clumsy. 

I am just going to give it a try - maybe you let me know in the comments if something like this is helpful or whether the normal day-to-day posts are cool with you. I will give you three options for your commenting convenience: 

    0 - I don't need a summary!
    1 - A summary is cool, but don't make it a post, put it somewhere in the menus for reference
    2 - Yeah, give us a bi-weekly or monthly summary.

I personally tend towards 0-1 ;) But let me know what you think!

Paintingbuddha Updates: 

Games Day Rumors & facts: 

High Elves Release May

(as of today, HE are on sale! Limited HE Army book limited to 1000! )

Forge World

Big discussion: Finecast BANs (Giveaway)

That's almost all of it for the last two weeks (minus some not so important posts). 


  1. Definitely a 0 or 1 - I have my RSS feeds and the links to the websites I like to check regularly, that's enough for me.

  2. I say 0... maybe a little 1, but mostly 0.

  3. I personally dont think it is needed. As it is not hard to just go through your posts for the last week lol. ;)

  4. Same here I subscribe to the blog using feedly so I will always have reading here. So 0-1.

  5. I too see it all via rss. Summary posts would just be skipped over..

  6. All right guys & gals, 0 it is!

    I agree, RSS should be sufficient and I don't mind not having to spend extra time on summaries ^^


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