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Monday, April 29, 2013

Games Day US & Germany Ticket Information

Haaaappyyyy Mooondaaaay, everyooone!

Just a really short update this morning

Games Day 2013 - Ticket Availability

We had reported about the limited availability on Tickets for the Games Day here in Germany and the US in the last two weeks. 

On April 20th, 10 days ago, US and Germany started their 'Ticket Attack' and many people - especially international painters - were afraid that they could not get tickets as everyone feared that due to the limited availability they would be gone in a flash. 

According to a GW internal source, last year Germany sold around 1000 tickets as soon as they went on sale. This year, after 10 days, they only sold around 530 tickets. 

Raising the ticket price to 50€ and taking away the free T-Shirt and the limited Games Day Miniature seem to have scared away many people from this event. For Germany that means that there are still around 1500 tickets left - and these should last quite a while, even with the Games Day info now being available in this months White Dwarf. (Of course, it still has the wrong information on dates an location for Germany)

The US still had around 350 tickets left (of 1000) - with the main deterrent here being the extremely high cost of air travel to Memphis (over 1000€) plus the obligatory Statson Cowboy Hat for 420$. 

So it seems you got some time to think about whether you would like to go or not. 

Step-by-Step Tutorial "Happy Monk"

This week we will start a step-by-step-tutorial with Ben Komets in which he paints the 'Happy Monk' (designed by Ben Komets und Ernst Veingart). We all love step-by-step-tutorials, but we are! You know....
Must... have... giveaways!

So at the end of the tutorial session we will GIVE AWAY Ben's painted miniature to one extremely lucky person ^^^

Now how does that change your outlook for your workweek? ^^
Post your comments below!

Happy monday ^^


  1. Wooohoo, looking forward for the tutorial ;)

  2. morgen chef..... danke fuer die info.

  3. I've just bought our tickets for GD Germany!! :)

    Really looking forward to the tutorial!

  4. I get my tickets for GD Ger, no risk! :)

  5. Maybe the big hall in Cologne could be very empty this year. But good for us. Than there are no to much crowded Demon showcases ;)

  6. And another year in which I want attend the GD...
    But not because of any anger against GW or anything, only because I just got a wonderful son (my first selfsculpted miniature ;) ) and I won't have enough time to finish anything for this years GD...
    But surely I will next year...
    (oh how often have I told myself this already? :-P )

    But I am reallyreallyreally looking forward to the Step-by-Step, and who knows, who's going to be the fortunate winner? ;)

  7. I've turned my back on GW, their games and events a few years ago. I buy the odd miniatures but nothing serious, so I pretty much don't care what the guys from Nottingham are doing.

    On the other hand, I have the Bushido Monk (along with the Ito Clan) on the workbench at the moment and look really forward to the tutorial.

  8. Hm nur 530 Verkauft bisher bin mal auf die Bilder der Halle gespannt oder die der Forgeworld reihe , die ja sonst recht lang war , könnte diesmal recht kurz sein ;) Wo finde ich den denn step by step !?


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