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Friday, April 26, 2013

New Forgeworld stuff - Warhammer Forge

Good evening! 

Friday night - what's better than reading Forge World news :D

I am eagerly awaiting my Necron Tesseract which will be shipped on May 5th and Forgeworld already has announced new stuff... Can't keep up with our orders here, slow down! 

Realm of Battle

First item on the list is this very pretty 'Realm of Battle Earthworks'. If you can't, don't want or don't have the time to build your own gaming table, the alternative is only a quick 75GBP away... Good thing you need six of these for a full gaming table... phew, expensive. 

Orc Command

And the next item is something that would definitely have made it into my last order - this orc command is just awesome. That dragon-wing-banner is just so cool! 

The orc boss just looks as bad-ass as his axe. I am a collector of the Green Horde and I am sure that at some point these two fellows will find the way into my collection. Sculpted by our one and only Edgar Skomorowski.

If it wasn't for the S&H cost, I would order them now, but now I need to wait until the next 250GBP order. And that seems a looooooong time away as I just ordered ^^

Check out the Forge World news here. 

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