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Friday, April 12, 2013

Games Day Germany - Part III

Good morning my precious plastic painters!

And it is a good morning, not just because it is Friday! 

Grab a coffee, kick back and today you truly can enjoy your raisin bun while reading the third part of GD rumors & news. 

First of all I would like to thank you all for the overwhelming feedback and background information that allowed us to post the confirmed news regarding the Games Day / Golden Demon events over the last two days. Thousands of views literally from all over the planet clearly show how important the Games Day and in particular the Golden Demon event is for many of you. 

We may be a small community - but we are the biggest small community in the world

Most likely, even the Universe. 

Having said that: Today we reached 200,000 views on this blog. Considering we really started posting stuff in August last year, this is quite amazing. All I can say is that I thank you with every fiber of my body. And there's a lot of room for all kinds of fibers in me! :D

Games Day Germany - Part III

(If you have missed it: Part 1 and Part 2. And don't forget: Share & Enjoy)

To be honest, at first I did not feel like posting an 'internal' document from GW. Firstly, I did not want to get anyone in trouble, secondly I somehow felt like I was working against the company that I hold so dear since I was still a youngling. 

For the Greater Good!
But then I felt that if rumors and hearsay is the only thing that we as fans and customers have heard on any of the Games Day related issues, I could not withhold that information. In the end, I think, I even did GW a favor - as I explained what's going on, where you can buy your tickets and what to expect pretty good ;) 

Like the TAU Empire (excellent release btw), I did it all 'for the greater good!'.

In the last 24 hours close to 4000 people read this news. 2000 of them will not get a ticket :D 

One thought I had was: "Would I hear anything from HQ?"

The Empire... responds. 

Through the Warp I received a comment from HQ. And the message that - let's call her Lieutenant Uhura - relayed to me is a rather positive one. 

I would like to take the time to thank the responsible people at HQ for sharing the additional information with us. It shows that the competition painters are important to the Company after all. 

Let me preface by saying that the fact that Germany is still holding a Games Day must largely be due to the German GW management. From all we can see they fought valiantly to get us a Games Day this year. First trying to move the venue, secondly getting us all back to Cologne.

Whether the 50€ no-thrills-ticket will turn out to be a bust or a blast remains to be seen, many of you have already posted your reactions in forums and on this blog - and there was almost nearly one positive one. 

In the dark presence of the 21st millenium, there are only rumors. 

I would say that the majority of readers of this blog are more painters than gamers. And the painters were particularly angry since the internal memo as well as the briefing harldy mentioned the Golden Demon competition at all. "If there is no Golden Demon - what are the reasons anyone would go to a Games Day" was an often found statement. 

And this is where the good news comes in. No, even better. So what I say now is only limited to the Golden Demon competition - no ticket attacks, no price increases, no limited tickets. And if you disregard all of this, we could not have hoped for better news.

Golden Demon competition

"It's an event, Mr. President, but not as we know it!"
Lt. Uhura was able to confirm that, of course, there will be a Golden Demon competition at the German Games Day - as it will be with all Games Days that take place. 

For Germany, the jury - an often discussed subject - will remain to include the previous year's Slayer Sword winner as the head judge. THAT, my most exalted friends, is great news. Don't get me wrong - 'Eavy Metal is a great painting standard we all can aspire to achive, but there are many different artistic styles from country to country. And with last year's winner, Raffaele Picca of the massively massive Massive Voodoo Crew as the head judge you can be certain that the competition will be fair and the best miniatures will win. Maybe this approach could make it into the GW global Games Day Codex as an international standard. Just sayin'

Painting exhibitions

Another big subject for the German Games Day was the long tradition of painting showcases organized by "Team Deutschland". Even if this team does not really exist anymore, we were always able to attract not only some of the best painters in the world to showcase their skills, but also hundreds and thousands of aspiring masterclass-painters who could watch and ask questions. Lifelong friendships have been forged in the steamy mixture of sweat, painting-fumes and nerd-tears.

This to me proved the point that both the community and Games Workshop can mutually benefit from such an arrangement. (See my report and videos from last years GD Germany)

And my buddhalicious heart is overflowing with joy to announce that this year the Games Day organizers will invite and allow us to provide this humble service to you guys again :) Yay!

Limited Tickets Blues

We have estimated the total attendance of last years German GD at between 3000-4000 people. Now the official word from HQ was '2500 paying visitors', which seems about right if you consider Squig-herding parents and vendors that receive free passes. 

According to Lt. Uhura, last year it took around 4-6 weeks for all tickets to be sold. 

If we see that 2500 tickets were sold and now its 2000 (most likely plus vendors and squig-parents), we are actually not as far off, as we might have thought. With a fixed amount of visitors, GW feels they and their staff can cater for their customers much better. And I can see the point in that. 

I did not get a ticket, but painted a Slayer-Sword-worthy Gnoblar

First of all: IF you want to attend the Games Day and especially want to enter into the Golden Demon competition, you should buy your tickets as early as possible. 

From past experience, however, GW expects that tickets should be available for quite a long time (around at least 4 weeks). So to use one of my own quotes: "Don't Panic!" - if you want a ticket, you should get one. 

As you know from the previous posts, tickets will be available on April 20th, with a little incentive to order them in-store (Germany only). Of course, tickets will also be available on the GW website.

Now, for those international painters of you that DID NOT get a chance to get a ticket or decide last minute to go, we here at masterminis/paintingbuddha will organize a few spare tickets, so contact myself or Ben in case you need any. Of course, don't do that now, do it when all tickets are sold and you are a sad little bruddha. 

We will also work on getting special hotel rates, couch-surfing-addresses and travel information for all of you guys. Stay tuned as we will announce more details as soon as they become available (it is still a little early for that). 

Last year we were almost 100 happy nerds who gathered at the now somewhat famous pre-GD-dinner. It was a great event - actually the main reason for me to attend the Games Day myself (besides the Golden Demon). Let's break that 100 mark this year! 

I for one can't wait to see all of you crazy nerds and your masterpieces again :D

My personal wish

I thought last year's GD was a great event. I just had one thing on my wish-list: Please replace the yellowish showcase lamps with daylight bulbs, so we can see & appreciate the miniatures in the 'right light'. 

Don't forget!

Don't forget that you can win a limited Dark Angel's Codex and a limited White Dwarf XXX miniature just by leaving a comment underneath yesterdays post. Winners will be drawn on April 22nd.

Also, if you like our general level of 'informed-edness' please consider subscribing to this blog. 

Have a great weekend and happy painting & gaming, wherever you are!



  1. Really pleased to hear all of this. For me the painting exhibition and having a previous SS winner judging are some of the great features of GD Germany.

    Having heard all of this, I think we'll be buying tickets for this year :)

    1. Awesome! We are looking forward to seeing you again :)

  2. This is good news indeed; so verything is going to work out anyway :-)

    If I can get a ticket I will come to Cologne this year.
    Was a little bitter last year, when everybody else from Denmark went to GD Germany and I had to stay at home and go to work...

  3. Great post but by the way, we live in the 3rd millennium, the 21st is the century :)


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