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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

3 new winners, 1 new WORKSHOP GIVEAWAY!

Good morning everyone! 

Today we will make it short and sweet. If everything goes as planned (Murphy, anyone?) we should finish refilming our material for our Season 1 DVD today. Then starting tomorrow the cutting and editing marathon will resume one more time - keep your fingers crossed ;) 

Giveaway winners

This morning I drew the winners of the three running giveaways. As always, I used to find the winners.
Matt Cexwish was a lucky winner, too!
Winner of the limited Dark Angel Codex (limited to 2000) is: ARBAL! Congratulations, man! :) 

Winner of the limited XXX Dwarf Diorama is MORI-KUN! Get your brush ready!

And now for the 'Grand Prize' - The Workshop in Berlin with Jeremie Bonamant Teboul. The winner here is someone that some of you may know as a painter: SkelettetS, buy a ticket to Berlin for you have won! If you ever meet SkelettetS, rub him for good luck. He is a two-time winner here on now! 

As usual, please send me an email to this address with your address (Arbal, Mori-kun) or to contact me for helping you with your workshop here (SkelettetS). 

Boooooh! I want to win, too!

Out of the 80 or so people who took part in these giveaways, of course, only three could win. 

But fret not! We have yet another awesome giveaway for you guys!

So, you already know from the title of this posts that its going to be another WORKSHOP Giveaway. But how could we possible follow up a giveaway with Crystal Brush Winner 2013 JBT? How does a workshop with UK SLAYER SWORD WINNER Karol Rudyk sound? Good? Allright! Let's do it! 

Karol's awesome UK 2012 Slayer Sword Entry
You have to be available during June 07-09. You need to get to Berlin by your own means - we can help you find affordable accommodation starting from a cheap youth hostel all the way to the presidential sweet at the Athlon :D

All you need to enter in this giveaway is to comment below with the Tag [KR] (so I know that, if the tag is missing, its just a normal comment). 

Hm.... what should you write other than "Me! Me! Pick me!" :D... How about this: What is your favorite miniature genre and why? (Steampunk, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Historic, ...). Yeah, that sounds good :D BTW: I have it on good authority that there is still ONE workshop spot available at Battlefield

We will draw the winner on Monday, 6th of May.

Good Luck everyone!

And don't forget to Share & Enjoy with your friends. 


  1. WOW!
    Thx Zaphod this is my first win. Please enter the e-mail again, which I send you my contact details.

  2. Hello Zaphod,
    I received my prize in the mail today:
    I am truly STOKED to be the winner of an OOP spacehulk box...which weighs a ton btw.

    Thank you very much for what you do.

    1. Hey Malthus :)

      Glad you received your Space Hulk box! We had a postal strike in Germany last week and over the weekend, so I am happy it got to you safe and sound ^^

      Now you need to decide: Leave it in mint condition for your retirement fund (currently 250-300€) or open it and paint it :D

  3. [KR]Congratulations to the winners! Really wanted to win myself haha.

    For genres I like Fantasy and Steampunk the most, they just speak more to me then most of these sci-fi sculpts and historical... just don't like all those tanks and soldiers stuff. Some modern and historical can be fun, but I simply prefer Fantasy and Steampunk the most ;)

  4. Sorry, added the email address :)

  5. [KR] Sci-Fi because "A lot of science fiction is fantasy with nuts and bolts painted on the outside." (Terry Pratchett) and if I can add a bit of rust it's perfect ! :)

  6. [KR] Fantasy & Sci-Fi - because in both genres you have all the freedom to live your crazy ideas ;)

    So pick me - I could need the workshop and (more important) a reason to visit Berlin again xD

  7. [KR] Grattis Stefan!! SkellettetS, a FB friend from Sweden =) I love Steampunk,sci-fi and fantasy, not really into historical yet.
    I like painting without "rules" colors that is free and historical miniatures have to look more realistic so that the reason. Cheers

  8. [KR] My painting genre is absolutelly fantasy. Sometimes i paint historical or sci fi minis,too. But the only thing i could really enjoy is fantasy. I am a little dreamer, so i could be a hero or even a orc by painting this stuff. That´s all.
    Because of this it could be helpful, to learn from the best.

  9. [KR] I was really looking forward to that workshop, congrats to the winner. And thank you for this other chance. Karol Rydyk work is incredible amazing so I am sure it is going to be another great workshop

  10. Ouah !! Oo I won ??!!

    I'm very surprised because I didn't hope so (arigato gozaimasu Kami-Sama !! ^^).

    Thank you very much my Dear Président !! May we drink a pan galactic gargle blaster together ?? ^^

    I end you an email right now !! ^^

    For all the guys who are running for the workshop giveaway, let me say to you : GANBARE !!!!


  11. Bazzztardzzzzzz

  12. I understand you my dear Raphael... but Kami-sama gave me the One Ring ^^

    1. Morikun, Raffa, I take it you don't want to win the workshop with Karol? You did not put the [KR] tag :D

    2. Thank you very much my dear Zaphod but NO : Despite the fact that mini is really awesome, I have won a beautiful giveaway and I would like to let the others friends trying to win their ^^

      That's why I didn't put the [KR] tag on my reply...

      And I wish a very good luck to all of you guys, honestly !!! ^^

      This is my bushido ^^


    3. Just one thing :

      I'm glad to be the 220 000 th visitor ^^

  13. omg omg omg... thats all i can say right now!!

    1. i forgot, [KR]. lol! will be awesome to visit Berlin for the first time in my life!

  14. [KR]What better way to finally visit Berlin than visiting Berlin AND paint with some hell of a painter?
    And in Berlin there is Dunkin'Donuts!!!

  15. [KR] you are awesome! I know the word is used to much for things that are not more than great, but you are realy awesome! is (so I think) the best news and info side for the painting hobby I ever seen. They do everything to get the news all painters need or want! Everytime up-to-date! Great Job!

    Congratulation to the winners too ;-)

    1. You are very kind :D

      We are by no means the best blog on anything really, but we sure love the hobby :) Thank you so much :)

  16. [KR] Being a workshop nomad like you was mr. president. I would really like to go. Besides I have a freakn bad look at Berlin and i want to give the city another chance xD

  17. [KR] Nearly forgot to take part here ...
    A trip to the capital would be nice, and a painting workshop even nicer.

    Generally I don't care much about the genre my miniatures come from, as long as they have tentacles. ;-)


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