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Thursday, June 27, 2013

EDEN Escape - Only 4 days left!

Hey my fellow boardgaming nerds!

Our friends at Taban Miniatures are currently running a kickstarter campaign for their new board game EDEN - Escape. After seeing the beautiful miniatures, I just backed the project myself - at 99$ and all the stuff that is already unlocked, I think it's an absolute steal :D

And the next stretchgoals are within reach - we only need to stretch a liiiittle more ;)

Let's Mohand and Mel explain to you (*spoiler* in a very cute French accent, if I may add), what they have done: 

This game seems to have BOTH things: Awesome gameplay AND beautiful miniatures! My personal favorite is Alice from the 'Resistance set': 

Unlike many other kickstarters from the 'Big Companies', it won't be over a year before you get your game - it is scheduled to be shipped in October 2013! 

Enough time for you to paint it and play with it under the Christmas tree! :D

So, if you want to support awesome guys with an awesome game with awesome miniatures, hop on over to their Kickstarter Campain!

There are also some cool videos about the gameplay on that site - so check it out. 

And as always:


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