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Monday, June 24, 2013 is back!

Good morning everybody! We're back!

We are getting excited as we expect our delivery of the finished DVDs by next week. We will start shipping out as soon as we got them - and we are pretty sure you will like what you will get ;) 

Server is back! Kill the server!

Shoot 'dat Server!

After another downtime of our server we are finally back!'s forwarding server was down, even though the blog at went on. But we're sick and tired of our server issues, so we'll say Good-Bye to our Internet service provider 1&1! We had a lot of issues with these guys and in order to not have these in the future anymore, we will change providers. About time ;) 

During the downtime, naturally, visitor numbers to the site plummeted. Since there were a handful of really nice reports during this time, I will post the most important links here for your convenience. 

Travel Report: Spring Angel Moscow (must read!)

Part 1: Spring Angel 2013 event Coverage 
Part 2: Behind the Scenes of Spring Angel

Important update for our DVD Season 1 supporters


Forge World news: 

Forge World just released the Legion Glaive, a variant of the Fellblade. I got the Fellblade here and now I wished that I could replace the turret ;) 

I think it looks awesome! 

With GW expected to release Apocalypse 2.0 soon, I am sure many of you will add this beauty to your arsenal. For the Emperor!

Stay tuned for more DVD news & GIVEAWAYS in the next two weeks!


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