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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Spring Angel 2013, Moscow: Preview

Spring Angel 2013 - Moscow: Preview

The Paintingbuddha crew is going East! Well, at least about 2/3rd of us ;) 

Ben, together with Matt Cexwish and Jose Manuel Palomares Nunez will be the Jury of this year's premiere Russian miniature event, organized by "The Russian Alternative" a well established miniature manufacturer of some really sweet looking models that truly are an alternative to you-know-who. Awesome models at great prices.

The Russian Alternative's Facebook group has been quite busy lately with many talented painters talking about the event and in some cases even providing us with some sneak peaks of miniature marvelousness. 

Owner of the Russian Alternative is Sergey Pavlov - probably the largest private collector of the world's most beautiful miniatures in Russia. Together with his wife Katy, Sergey has started his involvement in the miniature competition scene with a couple of online competitions. After last year's first 'presence' competition, the Winter Angel 2012, the Pavlovs call upon the most passionate painters in the world again. And many will come - the list of the people that I know are going reads like the who-is-who of miniature painting. I hope nobody notices that I can't paint :D

Location for the event is the beautiful Hotel Salyut, south-west of Moscow's center, situated on  Ленинский проспект, д. 158, which leads straight to the city. 

The categories for this year's competition are: 

- Fantasy – SteamPunk 28-35 mm
- Sci-Fi 28-35 mm
- Monster
- Sci-Fi Vehicle
- Unit
- Open

What is different from most other events - or rather all of the other events that I know is, that the first three places of each category can win cash. 

The first three places in category 1-5 will battle for 150€, 350€ and 150€ respectivley. Unlike at Golden Demons, where the Open category is a cut back version (can't win the Slayer Sword), The Spring Angel honors this ultimate battleground of the brushes by putting up 700€, 500€ and 300€ for this sixth category alone. 

Since I have been busy editing our first DVD Set, which will be available for shipping in a few weeks, so I don't really have much to enter into the competition. I might take the 54mm Gnome that I painted at Raffa's private workshop, as I think that turned out particularly well.

But then again, I can devote my time to make pictures, take videos, conduct some interviews and write a nice report for all of you to SHARE & ENJOY! :D

"I wanna go, too!"

Well, unless you already have a Visa to travel to Russia or some special connection to the Russian Embassy, this might be a close call ;) Getting a Visa took me only two weeks, but I know for others, such as triple-sword winner Stephan Rath, it took much longer. 

So I guess you need to stay tuned from some awesome reports from the Spring Angel 2013! I am really looking forward to a nice, relaxing weekend among people that love our hobby. And I will take pictures like there is no tomorrow. Promised! :D

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