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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Serverblues - again!

Hey guys! 

Quick update - our server that handles the IP forwarding for to this blog is down. AGAIN

Our blog is unaffected and directly accessible via and will of course be updated for our big day on June 7th - Galactic President's Day! ;) 

And since I need as many people as possible to read this, even sharing a post like this on Facebook will enter you in the big Giveaway that we have planned for June 7th! Read the details here!

And yes - 555+ Facebook likes means that we have unlocked the Limited High Elves Army Book (limited to 1000 worldwide!) to the Giveaway stack! 

Only 3 days left to SHARE & ENJOY (and win)

We already thought Murphy had forgotten us. Now he's laughing. 

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