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Monday, June 24, 2013

Apocalypse 2.0 - First images leaked

Great news, everyone! 

Please also read is back!

Games Workshop - Apokalypse 2.0 

A couple of forums, FB pages, Reddit and our secret chinese information-service Baidu have posted leaked pictures of some of the new Apocalypse "2.0" releases, Games Workshop will announce next week. 

So far, it's mostly Ultramarines characters that we can see - and I really like them a lot. The Necron Monolith Thingies look awesome and I am more than excited about what's more to come. With the recent trend of GW going for huge models and flyers my anticipation level is over 9000!

That Lord Execution will land in my army for sure! And the Master of Relics! And the Master of Marches! Nice! :) 

You can read more in next Saturday's White Dwarf. Also, all GW stores are running a big event on Saturday - so you might wanna hit your local store!



  1. GW dies the day when the president doesn't like a new release ;)

    1. Hahah :) No, they die the day I stop buying :P
      I am a big fan of Apokalypse - love giant Armies!

      Best Moment ever: Wiping out 10k Necrons in the first move. That guy was quite... not so happy :D


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