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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Season 1 DVD - email to all supporters!

Greetings my fellow Bruddhas!

Email to all supporters

First leaked picture of our beautiful
Supporter T-Shirt!
(Image by LittleGreenDwarf)
We are closing in on shipping our first ever DVD Set! 

Today we sent our mail chimp out with emails to all of you who have pre-ordered the Season 1 DVD Set. We do this with a few things in mind: 

  • for those of you that purchased the Supporter Box, we need to know your T-Shirt size for your free T-Shirt! You can set this by following the links in the email.
  • for everyone we would like to verify your address - just in case you moved since you ordered. 
  • all supporters that ordered before March 31st will receive a totally awesome gift from us ;)

If you do not change your settings, we will use the address as provided with the order and send you an 'L' sized t-shirt. 

To-Do List

Next week we will bring our store at up to speed - graphics and content for our product have been seriously neglected! 

We are also working on a 'real' website which will reside at the same address. It will start as a very simple site with blogs, event management and some other nifty stuff, but bigger and better functionality will be added throughoutt the year. 

More on our current developments in the next couple of days!

Also, there will be ONE and only ONE T-Shirt that we will give away in the next couple of days - the only non-supporter T-Shirt in existance. Worth millions out of 10 points for style!

Have a great sunny day and a cool and refreshing drink of your choice!



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