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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

PB Update, Giveaway: Jeremie Bonamant Workshop Berlin

Hey everyone! 
(Giveaway inside!)

Server Update

As you notice, our server blues continues - and I hear that it will take at least another week, before the servers are back. So again, right now you can only access us directly at 

We appreciate all of you who share our posts on Facebook so that all of our followers and friends have a chance to stay connected!

You are hoopy froods who really know where your towel is!

Painting Buddha DVD Season 1 Update

We are on the home stretch!
We received the T-Shirts for our Supporter Box yesterday. And wear them proudly! They turned out quite awesome :) Photos will follow later. 

The DVDs are in production right now, we expect them to be ready for shipping no later than the first week of July - but we do not have a confirmed date from our replicator yet. (Take that Star Trek. We have a REPLICATOR!)

We are preparing some videos that we will release at the End of June - Videos that show you in detail, how awesome our two deals - the supporter box and the budget box - really are. 

Oh, and we still keep adding little nerdy details to the deal, just because we think it's cool :D

Our Shop will be updated in the next days - the shop was severely neclected due to workload overload over the last few weeks. 

We will send out an email to all of our supporters this week with an update on the DVD set. We will ask you to confirm your shipping address (we know of two of you who have moved) and we will ask all of the soon-to-be-Supporter Box-holders about their T-Shirt size. Once you have verified your shipping address, we have a very special surprise present for you that will hit your mailbox soon after ;) I'd be excited, if I were you - we know we'd be!

Jeremie Bonamant Teboul Workshop - GIVEAWAY

Our lucky winner of the Jeremie Workshop in Berlin, SkelettetS from Sweden, unfortunately cannot make it to the workshop. Bad news for him, but good news for you: He allowed us to give the workshop away again! 

So to all of those who are available from July 5th-July 7th to come to Berlin's most awesome Battlefield Berlin to participate in the workshop, HERE'S YOUR CHANCE TO WIN: 

In the comments, in your own emotional and touching words, express your desire to learn to be a better painter! :D We will draw the winner randomly as always! So that you can plan accordingly, we will draw the prize on Tuesday next week.

Buddha Bruddhas go East

Ben and I will attend the Spring Angel in Moscow this weekend. Since I have hardly any miniatures to show there, I will use the time to report from the event with pictures and videos. 

Ben and Matt, together with Jose Manuel Palomares Munez are in the Jury and we will meet such illustrious painters as Stephan Rath and Rafael Garcia Marin there. Oh wait! Aren't those the guys from the DVD Sets? :D

Stay tuned for the an awesome report!

And again, thanks to all of you who SHARE & ENJOY our posts on their Facebook Page in these times of server blues.

By the way: You all look very hoopy today!


  1. As i`ve had no time last workshop i really would like to participate in this one! Good luck to everyone! =)

  2. Attending this workshop would be a dream come true. I recently bought Jeremies DVD and have been watching with as much attention as I can but there is always the feeling I wish he was here so I could see this better or ask this question. Guess what it may just come true

  3. Who does not want to be a better painter ? I do !

  4. After Karols Workshop and see his technics and results by "munching around" it would be nice to get the chance and get a look into the clear technics of Jeremie. Think both painters and styles are incredible but I also think the differences betwene the technics are something like day and night.

    I`ve learned a lot of new thinks at my first workshop and I will utilize the chance to learn more and more :)

  5. Want to becoma a better painter. And with this workshop it might happen. Also it would be the best birthday gift ever. And since the 7th of july is my birthday... :D

  6. Would love to win, surely as I would like to become a better painter, but also because I love JBT's style and sculpting prowess. I also like to both sculpt and paint. :)

  7. I'll be happy to see and hear hints from JBT:) It will be good to learn about colors. This will be good relax after phd's exams

  8. Having been to the workshop at Battlefield Berlin with Karol (which was grat, good people, and meeting people from and Massive voodo was a treat, I sat oposite of Peter), I realized why I need to attend more workshops, especially I think that different trainers with different techniques and styles can give me a more varied knowledge in order to improve my painting. And there are a few things at the Battlefield Berlin Shop (which is huge & great), that I didn't buy yet)

  9. This news makes me sad and happy as the same.
    Sad because my friend SkelleteS doesn't join us. :( Usally he would like to come over to Berlin for the WS and stay one or two days more so we can explore the city (and the bars) together. But we all know this: painting don't have the first priority in life. Sometimes there are more important things :) So SkelletS have a nice weekend then in Sweden and we see each other in Cologne!
    This were the bad news for me. The good one is: now there is a chance to
    win again!
    There was some day, where battlefield had posted that they do a Workshop with Jeremie. Jeremie is an awesome painter with a extraordinary style. In the last years i saw and did a lot mixed styles, and so this should be a great next step to become a better painter. In addition to that, the WS should be in my hometown. A great thing to meet more new painters and old friends there. Unfortunately i was out of money, because i was in the final time of my studies. The first punch in my face :/ After that a new awesome message was published from battlefield. Karol are coming to Berlin! Yeah! I was in luck! Than i had money and WS places were free. But in this case: The date of the workshop was simular to my last days before finishing my final exam. Grrrrrrr!!!! Next good possibility to be a better painter was gone :(

    Two dates from two different awesome artists in my neighberhood and all conditions were against me. This could be the last way...
    So please Mrs. holy oracle, help me in to be a better painter and bring me to Jeremie!!!


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