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Monday, June 17, 2013

New Forgeworld stuff, Event Updates, Giveaway!

Привет, друзья!

Spring Angel 2013, Moscow

While Ben and Matt are spending a few extra days in Moscow and St. Petersburg, I am back from the Spring Angel 2013 and Mati and myself are already working on our next projects. 

Some time later tonight I will post a rather extensive report from the Spring Angel - an event that all of you should mark on your calender for next year! I am still going through over 400 pictures, cropping and sorting out, but I am confident that the post will be up tonight. 

Next big trip

We will be visiting the Games Day US in Memphis, Tennessee! Yeeeehaaaaw! And while we prepare some of our entries, we will post some sneak peaks and maybe a little tutorial or two! Stay tuned - this is going to be epic!

Karol Rudyk Workshop

For those of you who are waiting on the Karol Rudyk Workshop review - please be patient a few more days - between visiting his workshop and going to Moscow the following weekend, I did not have enough time to prepare it. The post will be up this week, though. And another giveaway is peeking around the corner ;) 

Server will be back

Our server that directs our traffic from to should be back this weekend - or no later than early next week. And the first thing I will do is change my provider. Bye, bye 1&1! You guys have troubled my long enough - no more.

Forge World News

A few days ago, Forge World released the Merwyrm, a monster out of the Monstrous Arcanum, a rule extension for the Warhammer Fantasy universe (and a pretty cool one, if I may say so myself!)

I think they really did a great job on the merwyrm. I really like the wyrm itself, but in particular also the wrecked boat it sits upon. Also the paintjob - after a hand full of rather disappointing paintjobs - looks pretty sweet - the color scheme is awesome. 

Fulgrim finally released!

And you've all been waiting for this one: FULGRIM has been released!

A lot of people did not like his face, but honestly, I really like it. Running over the battlefield and just smirking would just not fit. That dude is a lean, mean fighting machine. 

I am absolutely certain that my next Forge World purchase will include this beautifully sculpted primarch. And I need to get Angron again, as I gave both of my copies away to some lucky winners :D

Jeremie Bonamant Teboul - Free Workshop

Remember that the free Jeremie Bonamant Workshop winner will be drawn tomorrow! So far there are only 5 people trying to win this, so chances were never better. Read the details here

Please make sure that you are available on the weekend - the workshop is in Berlin and the workshop cost of 100€ is covered by us here at You only need to take care of travel and accommodation. 

And so that you know how awesome the miniature is that we will be painting - here is the picture!

Is that AWESOME or what?


Again thanks to all of you who share our post on Facebook while our forwarding server is still down! We appreciate your support!

We heart you!


  1. Fantastic work guys keep the good work like this thanks

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  2. Good luck to the people in for the workshop. I could be free on that day, getting the time off of work isn't a problem. Getting to Berlin and staying somewhere, now that's another matter. :(

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. What is this Elf mini and where can I get one?!

  4. Mike, thank you for report! It's pleasure to read these kind words. And yes, we're waiting for more artists from the other countries. But I'm sure that with such articles we will see them on the next Angel!info


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