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Saturday, June 8, 2013


Happy Galactic President's Day!

June 7th. 6/7... 6x7 = 42! Galactic President's Day, how hoopy is that!

Ok, ok, we totally made this day up. Also, technically, it is already a few minutes past midnight, but I would like to celebrate this imaginary day by announcing the WINNERS of our YAG SWAG STACK ATTACK giveaway that we held between May 25th (Towel Day) and today. 

Our main server is still down (again), so you can currently only access our page directly via - we are working on resolving our server issue as quickly as possible (but past experience does not make us optimistic :/). 

Therefore, if I may ask you to share this post on Facebook, so that everyone who participated finds out whether they won or not? 

This time with no chance of winning anything? Just as a 'good deed' for a painting buddha in need? Thank you! :D

Painting-Buddha DVD

The Painting Buddha DVD Season 1 "Target Identified" production is complete! Over 2000+ hours of work resulted in a product that we from the Painting Buddha team are all very proud to offer to you, the painting community. 

Between now and the shipment date we will provide you with enough information to find out, whether the DVD instruction set can help you to 'learn to be a better painter'. We will provide you with sneak peaks and all the details necessary. 

For now, all we have to do is wait for the DVD delivery. Our shipment of the ordered DVD will be in time for the Summer Break - and give you ample of time to practice for this years competition season! 

We anticipate to be able to begin shipping our product no later than the first week of July. We will receive a definite confirmation on the shipment date from our manufacturer next week!

This weekend we will just kick back, take the Monday off and take it slow. I will enjoy a painting workshop with Karol Rudyk and will not stare at the editing software for 20 hours a day ;) 

YAG SWAG STACK ATTACK giveaway winners

But now what you all have been waiting for! Our 'Yet Another Giveaway' winner announcement!

A total of 390 shares of our facebook posts between Towel Day (May 25th) and Galactic President's Day (today) were recorded. Thank you so much for all your sharing. Always remember - Sharing is caring!

Ironically, the last share of the post about me announcing that I will be announcing the winners, soon) actually turned out to be a winner! Lucky #390! Tell me about just barely making the cut-off ^^

As always, the winners were drawn using in presence of five of Zaphod's witnesses (among which were members of the illustrious Team Flugpenaten, Egrimm van Horstmann (Frank from Pinneberg) and none other than Karol Rudyk, Slayer Sword winner of UK 2012!).

So without further ado, here are the winners (all Facebook user names): 

Stretch Goal winners:

The Limited High Elves Army Book will be flamebroiled on the altar of BBQ Warfare!

Something Money can't really buy you, a copy of the Imperial Armor Modelling Masterclass book, signed by the FW Design Team goes to Sidney Zeltaebar!

The first ever 'time limited' Limited Edition "Brotherhood of the Storm" from Black Library goes to: Jorik ter Molen!

Our good Bri'ish friend, John Harrison, has his choice of either a GD Germany Ticket or a Limited Dark Angel Codex!  

The two unpainted versions of our limited edition Happy Monk in white metal go to: Brett Johnson and Tomasz Stanislawski

And finally, the winner of the Happy Monk diorama , PAINTED by triple Slayer Sword winner Ben Komets is.... (drumroll)

The owner of the awesome miniature voting gallery Putty & Paint, Phillip Prinz!
Make sure you check out his awesome page!

A big 'congratulations' to all of the winners from all of us at "学・Manabu", the little miniature company that brings you and and a whole new way of looking at life, the universe and everything!

To all winners: please send me a message with your address on Facebook! We will send out all prizes (also the few missing ones from 3 weeks ago) next week!

And if you have not won - We will host more giveaways in the future, because we just love giving stuff away =] Stay tuned. Subscribe! Become a part of a growing community - and learn to be a better painter!

And if you want to be a winner in one of this year's upcoming miniature competitions, we can proudly recommend our DVD Set 1: Target Identified. 

Earlier orders get the cooler sequentially numbered certificate! Stay tuned for all the details! We will make our shop at prettier in the next two weeks. It works well, it just does not look like much right now ;)


And have a Great Weekend, 
wherever you are!


  1. No win, as usual.
    I have no luck at such winning contests ^^
    But congratulations to all of the winners ;)

  2. Great giveaway! Thanks for sharing the love. Congrats to the winners.

  3. Woooot! I just woke up, checked my rss reader and pooped in my pants!

    I will make this an exchange figure and give Ben my humble version of the monk.

  4. Ach verdammt, an Hochelfen is doch nix denn gibts wohl ein paar magere Spareribs :D ......DANKE TROTZDEM! :D

  5. Ich nochmal....kann dir auf facebook keine nachicht schicken, bzw. bin wohl zu blind die funktion zu finden....schreib dich mal im bemalforum an....

  6. Grats to the winners! :)

    <nd a big Thanks to the president for this little events! :)

  7. Thanks a lot for the Happy Monk ! :)
    I'm suprised and happy. Grats for the winners and for the MasterMinis crew. Keep on the great work !

    I have a feeling that this "ironic share" was mine :P

    1. Hahah :) Yeah, how awesome was that :>

  8. Grats to all other winners, too!
    I'm really happy to have won.

    Have to write you via the Bemalforum, Facebook doesn't like me right now.
    Probably liking and sharing like mad, made them hit me with the "don't do that"-hammer right in the face. So i'm not allowed to write you on fb right now and to make things worse they don't allow me to like and share you anymore, too! *madfistswingingtofacebookofficials*

    1. No worries, I'll read your PN at ;)
      Congrats, dude :)

  9. Don't know what is worse.
    GW Inquistion or facebook censorship?

  10. Can you write a short information about the things that are included at season 1.1 for early supporter?
    I've lost the overview... remember only one thing, third DVD by Stefan at the end of the year, Diorama?

    and gratulation to the winners ;-)

    1. We are preparing some videos about the full product, these will be up in about 2-3 weeks (shortly before shipping starts). Also, we are in the process of updating our shop (should be done by the end of this week).

      But here a short overview:
      - 6 DVDs in collector's 6-Disk-Foldout Box*
      - Metal Jewlery box with: *
      -- 2 54mm miniatures (Brad & Yanet)*
      -- 2 brochures
      -- Diorama Base
      - handmade collector's Box (awesome if I might add)
      - 5 buttons out of 42 collectible designs
      - 1 Season 1 collectible refridgerator button
      - Paintingbuddha Supporter T-Shirt
      - Collector Certificate

      * = 42€ budget box, all of the above 84€ supporter box.

      early supporters (before March 31st):
      - special gift (sent out this week)
      - 1 Stephan Rath DVD "Season 1" (end of year)

      The Year End Diorama will be available for free only to those of you who buy all seasons this year (there will be one or two more).

      Hope that helps :)

  11. Perfect! Thanks for the overview.

    I'm feeling like a small child a few days before Christmas :-)


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