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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

[GW] WOW - Games Day Finalist Medals!!!

Hey GD crazy guys and gals! 

Aparently, ...

...GW has done something reeeeally nice! It's not confirmed yet, but rumor has it, that GW will replace the coveted GD Finalist Pins with GD Finalist medals. 

Could it be true!? OMG - I hope I don't win a demon - I want a finalist medal! :D
IF this is true, I think it is AWESOME news! I liked the pins, but I LOVE the medals. Medals make every nerd feel special, no matter how tough they are! 

If THAT is not reason enough to try your best and visit some Games Days this year, I don't know what is. 

Someone already asked the question (thus creating another rumor) whether similar medals would also replace the Demons. I, for one, don't believe so. It's not the Golden Medal competition - it's the Golden DEMON competition. And with that, I am sure the Demons will be here to stay. 

Our Games Day Schedule for 2013

This year we have - and will - report from many global miniature painting events and competitions. As far as Games Days are concerned, here is our schedule (and who of the masterminis/paintingbuddha team will go):

- Games Day US - Memphis Tennessee (July 27th; "White Rabbit" (Ben), "Zaphod Beeblebrox" (Michael))
- Games Day Germany - Cologne (Aug 11th; Ben, "Badsmile" Mati and me)
- Games Day UK - Birmingham (September 29th; Ben, me, maybe Mati)
- Games Day Italy: We will go to HUSSAR Poland instead, as we promised to come :) 
- Games Day Japan: IF there is a GD Japan, I will go. But there are no confirmations yet. 

Make sure to stay tuned to to hear all about the many PRE-GD-DINNERS we have planned for all of these events! More about this soon (tm).

GD US is sold out. GD Germany still has a lot of tickets, I hear. GD UK will only be 4500 attendees this year (different venue). I have no word on Italy as far as ticket availability goes. Tickets can be purchased here: <snoop dogg>Grab em while like they're hot!</snoop dogg>

We will report for you!

We will report EXTENSIVELY before, during and after the events. And we have some very special coverage in store for you... Only so much about this for now: It has to do with our entries ;)

But honestly.... We would rather MEET you at some of the Games Day events. Let us know, if you are going! ;)

So stay tuned, and SHARE & ENJOY and with your friends!



  1. statt pin jetzt mediale? hab jetzt richtig verstanden

  2. Jopp, statt Pin gibts ne Medallie =) Coooooool !

  3. Replies
    1. Ich denke, genau wie sonst auch. Anstelle des Pins bekommt man ne Medallie.

      Wir sind ja in drei Wochen auf dem GD US, und 'gucken' dann mal ;)

  4. Ich würde vermuten, dass einfach bedeutend weniger Finalisten zugelassen werden. In der Vergangenheit wurde die Jury mit Hände voll Pins ausgestattet, damit auch alles was bekommt, was es verdient. Der Herstellungspreis bei nem Pin is allerdings bedeutend geringer als bei ner Medallie, also entweder erhöhte Kosten (und die mag ja wohl niemand...vor allem nicht wenn man eine Firma ist) oder geringere Stückzahl.

    Ob das jetzt allerdings was schlechtes ist, möchte ich nicht urteilen. Ich bekomme dieses Jahr sowieso nix für den Demon fertig :D

  5. Oh, they look cool! I hope it's true - I want one! :)

    As to "OMG - I hope I don't win a demon - I want a finalist medal!" you don't have to worry if the medals are given like the pins you get a demon AND a pin if you win ;D

    1. that wasnt the case last year. they ran out of pins and took them away from the awarded stuff. at least they did for me ;(

    2. Oh I heard something about that Stefan - let's hope it doesn't happen again this year! :)

  6. At first the rumour said that they may replace the Demons... It would be horrible ! It's good to hear that GW will still be giving Slayer Swords and Demons for the winners :)

    About my participations in Games Days, I am not going to any but I am planning to go to HUSSAR as I live in Poland :)
    Hope to see you guys during the event ! I hope that nothing will force me to change my plans.

  7. I like the medal idea, much better than a pin. ive got a box load of them things dont know what to do with them. At least a medal will look cool in your display cabinet!

    i will be attending GDUK.

    (Black dagger)

  8. The GD US Facebook team just posted the same pics on their event page - so it must be true :)

    1. It is true, the golden demon finalist pins will replace by these medals. Hope to see you guys during the events!

  9. Regarding Pre-Golden dinners, I hope you know that GW USA has organised a BBQ to show the Shouthern Hospitality spirit to al GD attendants. I would be nice to do the same in Europe.

    1. Interesting! I have not heard about that yet - we will surely participate, if we can.

      Here in Europe, Pre-GD-Dinners are a well established tradition. Last year over 100 painters met at a lokal steak joint and afterwards we all went to a hotel to show each other all of our miniatures, talk to their respective creators and so on.

      Awesome to have that many like-minded people on one spot ;)

    2. Left a message on the GD US FB-Page asking for further information on that BBQ ;)

    3. If you want just send me an email and I will send you a link to the invitation. I hope to meet you & Ben at USA. I'm one of the crazy spanish guys (friend of Volomir), and I'm afraid I'm the only one.

  10. Hi Ben and Michael, I will be attending GD Memphis as well and would love to meet you guys! I am a big fan of you workd!!! I will be going to the bbq on Friday night as well as we always take a big group out to eat after Games Day is over. You guys are of course welcome to come as well! Shoot me over an email if you would like to meet up.


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