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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Exciting times for miniature painters! (Portal, GD, PB Update)

We live in exciting times!

Very Quick Paintingbuddha DVD Update

One of the DVD Menus for Disk 5 - Yanet by Volomir
Hey everybody! It is DONE! The DVD-Sets are ready, all of the many goodies have been produced, everything is READY to be shipped. And even we are amazed at how beautiful everything turned out!

We are preparing a very short video which we plan to put up on Friday to our Youtube Channel for all of you to share & enjoy. 

Upgrade Budget → Supporter Box

Until Friday we will be adding a few new items to the store - make sure to check our shop at some time tonight! 

One very special item will be an "upgrade"-item. Some of you already had the chance to see how truly glorious the Supporter Box really is and have asked to upgrade their order from the Budget Box (42€) to the full Supporter Box Deal (84€). 

Therefore, we have added this convenient UPGRADE item for all of you who have ordered the Budget Box already. 

Shipping Schedule

We will begin shipping the your orders beginning this weekend, starting with the supporter boxes. We will make sure to send out all existing orders before we leave for Games Day US Friday next week for a few days (which, of course, you will be able to read a very comprehensive report of right here on 

Games Day 2013 US - Memphis Tennessee

Ben and I will be leaving for GD US next Friday and meet up with 'Hope River' from Russia (we basically meet in the middle :D) for an awesome painting competition. 

And you will be able to read all about it right here! Articles, tons of pics and of course videos! And we wouldn't be if we wouldn't add a giveaway or two into the mix ^^

On top of that, Ben and I will talk about our entries for GD US as well - so follow us by subscribing, SHARE & ENJOY. 

Portal 33 coming out this Friday - HOT issue

Many of you have heard about the free online magazine "Portal" - probably the best source of miniature related news, tutorials and content currently available this side of Andromeda. Did I mention it's free? Yes, good. 

And I personally believe that this issue will break the current download record of over 12,000 (!) readers easily, because this issue includes an extensive interview with none other than Paul Bonner. 

If you a) have not been one of the 12,000 readers so far or b) don't know the slightest idea who this Paul Bonner guy is... I URGE you to download Portal 33. Again, it will be out on Friday! In the meantime - and if you are a really fast reader, you can download issues 1-32 right here. (Portal is in English, but hey, there's tons of pics!)

One more tipp: Brett Johnson, founder of the fabulous Wamp Forum (one of the friendliest international miniature forums I know) has taken Adam Parkhouse on board as Editor of Portal. With that, there is a lot of activity on the Portal Facebook page. I recommend heading over there and 'LIKE' them. Never missing another Portal issue again is one perk, but others include announcements of tons of online painting competitions that you usually only hear about after it's too late ^^

And while you are at it - head over to our own Facebook Page and like it too! 

And now it's back to work - hundreds of Paintingbuddha DVD Boxes are waiting to be sent out to you!



  1. Interview with Paul Bonner!! Your hook just caught me! I will be downloading this one for sure! Awesome!!!


    1. First I let you nibble the bait a little, then I am gonna hit it! :D
      Yummy dogfacedboyuk2 fishies for dinner!


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