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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Spring Angel Results (PDF) & stuff

Hey folks! 

Wow - we are busy! 

Ben's finished work
We are preparing the shipping of your Season 1 - Target Identified DVD sets at the moment. Looks like we can send out the boxes starting Saturday! You won't believe how excited we are about this - and thanks to the many of you who supported us with their order at already!

Ben has extended his vacation and will be back in the office on Monday. For early next week you can expect a very comprehensive overview of what the Budget Box and the Supporter Box contain - including details on the T-Shirt, the Collector's Edition 6-DVD Box and the buttons. What's so important about the buttons? Well, you will find out - they are not just buttons!

Games Day US 2013 - we are GOING!

Lord Kroak - Even older than me!
We are also preparing our entries for the Games Day US in Memphis Tennessee right now. There will be a pre-Games Day report some time next week with some details on our entries and such. Believe it or not - I am PAINTING. Me! And my first project (Lord Kroak - Slaan) is coming along quite nicely (at least for my skill-level ^^). It's fitting that the 'Old One' is painting one of the 'Old Ones' first ;)

It is an Old One in another aspect: I bought this miniature at half prize over 10 years ago - and it's still white metal. That thing is MASSIVE!

It's going to be quite a treat trying to fix it on the base after painting :/ 

We will talk more about GD US 2013 (and some of the other upcoming events) next week - so stay tuned!

Spring Angel Results (PDF)

Matt has sent me the PDF for the Spring Angel Results. If you missed the Spring Angel Reports, you can read up on them here, here and here.

The interesting thing about the Spring Angel PDF (and why you should read it) is that Matt, Ben and Jose have given feedback to all of the entries. So you can see why a certain mini has won, what was good and maybe what can be improved on it. It's a good read!

Here is the PDF - you can download it in the file menu.

Thanks to Matt, Ben & Jose for this great document. And again a Big Thanks to Sergey & Kati from the Russian Alternative - and to everyone who attended Spring Angel 2013 in Moscow.

Workshop Reports

Some of you are probably waiting on the workshop reports for Karol Rudyk's and Jeremy Bonamant Teboul's workshops. One of the two (or maybe both) should be up this weekend - so make sure you stop by.

Stay hoopy!



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