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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Oompa Loompa Buddha-dee-dooo!

6 DVDs, 2 54mm miniatures - Starting at 42€. INSANE.

Good morning everybody! 

Find the Golden Ticket! 

Today we want to reveal another little detail about our Season 1.1 - Target Identified DVD set.

As you know by now we really like to give stuff away here on Our latest giveaway extravaganza is called the 'Stack'o'Swag Sweepstakes'. 

So we put a lot of WIN in our packages. Both the Supporter T-Shirt as well as the Buttons have built in WIN - and this chance to win will exist as long as we exist! So make sure you hold on to your Buttons and try to collect as many as possible! How the WIN in the T-Shirt and the Buttons works will be revealed shortly before the Games Day Germany, where we will run this for the first time.

Today, we want to talk about our Painting Buddha Tickets (Golden, Silver and Bronze) that we randomly put in our Supporter Boxes.

No, we are not affiliated with Willy Wonka and we don't have a chocolate factory, but we offer something even better! The chance to win something that stays on the mind and not a lifetime on the hips!

Bronze Ticket - Win the Budget Box version of one of our future releases of your choice

Silver Ticket - Win the Supporter Box version of a future release of your choice

Golden Ticket - You (and if you want, a friend) are invited to a 3-day private workshop with the team! Ben, Mati and myself will pamper you silly and turn you into a miniature painter with crazy sick ninja skillz! We'll even have chocolate!

Chances of winning are pretty good, if I may say so myself! 

So what do you want? 
- "A supporter Box!"

When do you want it?
- "NOW!"

Nothing simpler than that! Head over to and check out our insanely priced DVD sets!

Stack'o'Swag Sweepstakes

SHARE & ENJOY this and other posts on Facebook and Google+ to enter in our Stack'o'Swag Sweepstakes! The prizepool will continue to grow until we draw all of the winners after the Sweepstakes and the 14 Days of Celebration come to an end on August 4th. 

Today we put the highly desired, paintingbuddha only special whitemetal edition Happy Monk onto the stack!

So far we got three paintingbuddha Supporter T-Shirts, the 2013 Games Day Limited Miniature and the Happy Monk in the prize pool. Stay tuned, subscribe and don't miss any of the future prizes!



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