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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Paintingbuddha Season 1.1: Target Identified - OUT NOW

Season 1.1 - Target Identified OUT NOW
Galactic President calls for 14 days of celebration!
SHARE & ENJOY this post with your friends for your chance to WIN (see end of post for details)

It is done!

We prouldy present our first ever miniature painting DVD set: Season 1.1: Target Identified. What started out as a simple idea turned into a DVD set that we believe has not yet been seen on the miniature market - at a price that seems unbelievable...

Promo video out

Here our promo video for our release. We hope you enjoy it enough to SHARE it with your friends! 

Thousands of hours of work have gone into this project. First and foremost we would like to thank the many of you who put their trust in us and supported us by pre-ordering our DVD set. You helped us getting to where we are now - and you will hold your DVD set very shortly. We are as excited as we hope you are! 

We are absolutely convinced that you will be very happy with your order. We have put a lot of love for the hobby into this - and we hope it shows!

Season 1.1 - OUT NOW

The two painted dioramas with a
side view of our 6-DVD-Collector Box
It's been quite a long journey and from the moment we started with our first ideas the now final product got bigger, nerdier and above all better than anything we could even think about - only the price stayed low: 42€ for the Budget Box and 84€ for the fully loaded Supporter Box

We have added a few other cool items to our shop, including an UPGRADE item, which allows you to upgrade your Budget Box order to a full Supporter Box. Many of you have asked for this and have already successfully upgraded. Since we start shipping your products on Monday, starting with the Supporter Boxes, you would need to hurry in order to be able to upgrade in time! 

Here is a very high-res picture of what incredible value you will get for your money. Click on it for a larger view.

All of that for 84€ - also available in a Budget Version at only 42€. 

I have to be honest with you - I am in the hobby now for more than half my life (yes, that would be 21 years) and although we have worked on this project for quite a while now, I still can't believe this quality at this price... 

SHARE & ENJOY to win

Stack'o'Swag Sweepstakes - 14 days of  celebration! ^^

Over the next few days we will post some more in depth information about this product, answer your questions (that, by the way, you can send to us at at any time!) and in general celebrate the release of our DVD set. 42 days of celebration would be too much, but since there are three guys in our team, 14 days sounds reasonable! (3x14, you know...)

Between now and Saturday, August 3rd, every SHARE of one of our post on Facebook or Google+ will enter to win. 

Like we did with our YAG STACK SWAG ATTACK Giveaway, we will create a Stack'o'Swag over the duration of the giveaway - so the more tuned in you stay, the higher the chances to win! 

The one thing we will NOT give away, are the DVD sets. Supplies already seem to be shorter than we'd like - so grab one, while you can!

This post's items for the Stack'o'Swag are THREE Painting Buddha Supporter Shirts. The ONLY three supporter shirts we will EVER give out in one of our giveaways.

By the Way - Did you know we have given away free stuff, most of it limited and rare, worth thousands of Euros since last year? Why? Because giving stuff away makes us (and you, we presume) happy :D 

So make everyone happy and go ahead and SHARE & ENJOY this post!


  1. Cool. Off we go. Zaphod back into G+?

    1. Yeah :D
      It's funny how little time we had over the last couple of months... The 'administrative' task of organizing giveaways on both, Facebook and Google+ was just too much at the time. ^^

  2. Not enough words to describe the feeling yet... I need to sit back and relax until Monday to gather my strength and write with proper words what this DVD really means. Obviously shared on facebook, but BIG SHARING will come soon. I love you guys.

    1. No, we love you! :D
      But I know exactly how you feel. We are all very proud of what our little 'Revolution' has become. I hope 14 days of celebration will be enough ^^

  3. Boy if i had the money i.d have one now

    1. We know that in these economically unstable times 84€ for a supporter box is a lot of money - regardless of how awesome the value for money may be.

      That is why we added the 42€ Budget Box. Sure - compared to the Supporter Box, it's kinda the 'no-thrills' version, but it offers the core products: all the painting knowledge contained in the 6-DVDs, all in the beautiful Collectors Box AND two 54mm minis. Unfortunately, 42 was really 'as low as we could go' :D

      Plus it's a cool number. ^^

  4. Mouth drooling and palms sweaty in anticipation :D

  5. Shared it on G+. Can't wait to get mine too :)


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