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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Last call for Upgrades, Games Day US, Stack'o'Swag

Season 1.1 - Target Identified OUT NOW: 

Greetings my most awesome miniaturistas!


Ben, Mati and myself would like to thank you from the bottom of our nerdy hearts for the incredible positive response we got for the Release of our unprecedented miniature painting instruction DVD series "Season 1.1: Target Identified". 

Of course, we hoped for it, but honestly did not expect this kind of reaction! Since Saturday, our online store is glowing red hot with your orders and we would like to thank every single one of you for your support! The first 100+ packages are packed and will go out this week!

Last call for Upgrades

After seeing the awesome value of the Supporter box (have you seen the promo video yet?) many of you that have ordered the 42€ Budget Box have 'upgraded' their purchase to the 84€ Supporter Box. 

For logistic reasons, we will send out all of the Supporter Boxes first. 

Starting Monday next week the Budget Boxes will follow. This allows you to upgrade for a few more days. We will send out a reminder to all of the Budget Box buyers via email today. Here's the upgrade item.

Stack'o'Swag Sweepstakes

As part of our '14 days of Celebration' commemorating our first ever Release, we started the Stack'o'Swag Sweepstakes. 

So far, we got three Paintingbuddha Supporter T-Shirts in the prize pool. There is something magical about these T-Shirts that we have not told you about yet... They are FULL OF WIN!

If you wear the T-Shirts during a miniature painting event, you can WIN some special prizes! First chance will be the Games Day Germany - we will give you all the details after we return from Games Day US!

Today we add a 2013 limited Games Day Miniature to the Stack'o'Swag! As you know, Ben and I will be leaving for Games Day US on Friday, leaving Mati behind ^^. Of course, the GD 2013 limited mini is still a secret - so we can't show you pics yet!**

During the 14 days of Celebration (which will be over on August 4th), EVERY SHARE of any of our posts on Facebook or Google+ will count as a 'ticket' for the sweepstakes. If you remember how the YAG SWAG STACK ATTACK worked, it's kinda the same thing. Seven happy winners of that giveaway remember it well ^^. 

BTW: For a chance to win a Games Day 2013 limited T-Shirt check this post.

Tomorrow we will reveal another SECRET about our Supporter Boxes. 
But psssssst - no hint's yet! Not even a very little one!

** Or CAN we! not the sharpest image, but it says Game's Day Mini:


  1. Stop doing this it is becoming painful. I so much want one of these but without a salary it is impossible to get it at the moment. So just they will still be available when I get a salary again. Glad to hear they are selling as hot cakes

    1. No intend to hurt you - but as you know... No PAIN no GAIN! :D
      Sowwy :P

  2. Found pictures of the GD mini and send them to you, Micha ;).

  3. Bring shirts to Memphis...I will buy an extra one a rock it at Games Day!!!


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