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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Shipping Update, Upgrades, GD US!

Supporter Boxes going fast, grab yours here:
Greetings my fascinatingly fanatic fans of figures!

Shipping Update

Since releasing our first ever DVD a week ago we have been surprised by the enormous wave of support we have received from you! Ben, Mati and myself would like to thank you again for your trust in what we have done. We have quite literally packed parcels until 2-3am every day now and have just sent out the first batch of about 100 supporter boxes

As mentioned earlier, we started with the supporter boxes first - and with the exception of a few 'Girlie' style shirts which are currently being hand-printed especially for you, all supporter box orders up to yesterday have been sent via DHL. You should have received an update email from our store as well. 

Next Batch - Budget Boxes!

Now we are preparing the Budget Boxes. We expect to ship these Thursday next week. This weekend we will fly into Memphis for Games Day US, but since we will be back on Tuesday, we only 'lose' one day of shipping. I hope you forgive us :) We'll repay you with awesome Games Day US articles, pictures and videos! The Pact of the Bruddhahood supporters will be sent out last - the happy monk is looking forward to meeting you already! ;)


For those of you who are interested in upgrading their Budget Box to the full-size Supporter Box can do so until Tuesday. We will take the Upgrade item down at that time. So last chance for Upgrades! 

Games Day US

While Mati will keep the Headquarter guarded, Ben and myself will visit the Games Day US in Memphis, Tennessee. Ben's entry is almost ready. None of my three planned entries are ready yet - as I was so busy with the logistics of everything. But I'll paint until the plane leaves tomorrow and hope to finish at least two projects... Keep your fingers crossed! 

You can expect a very very VERY big report from Games Day US on We will not only cover the GW Barbeque that we (like all visitors to GD) have been invited to (!) but will also report everything from the Games Day as well as some cool stuff from Memphis. We are looking forward to being there and meeting all of our American fellow nerds!

Stack'o'Swag Sweepstakes

Remember that by SHARING & ENJOYING this post on Facebook or Google+ you will enter our Stack'o'Swag Sweepstakes. We'll make sure to find something unique in Memphis to add to the stash ;) Can you say Bobblehead Elvis? :D I hope we'll find something nerdy like that!

Stay hoopy, 



  1. Is it still possible to order supporter boxes? or are they sold out?

    1. Yes, of course it's still possible :)
      Next shipment date will be next week Thursday.

  2. Woohoo, my supporter box has arrived. Happy, happy, happy. Just one more question: When are you going to start shipping the 54mm monk for the bruddahood pact donation nerds? Enjoy the US!

  3. Back from the US!
    Bruddhahood Pact packages will go out this week :)

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