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Thursday, July 4, 2013

BIG Paintingbuddha Update!

Hey Bruddhas*! 
(*non-gender specific term. All beings of the Galaxy are Bruddhas!)

You've got mail! 

I did not only feel like Santa Claus,
I also look the part! :D
It's been strangely quiet on the Masterminis front in the last couple of days. But not without reason! We've been really busy (except for Ben who is on his well-deserved vacation, chilling in London :D)! 

Many of you have seen some posts on Facebook or in forums about a lot of people receiving a letter from us here at Paintingbuddha (or will receive it shortly).

The letter was sent out to everybody who ordered their Budget Box or Supporter Box of our Season 1 DVD Set "Target Identified" before March 31st this year. In fact, we extended this to all orders up to mid June - why not ;)

We sent out a special edition, supporter only "Happy Monk" to all of you who pre-ordered our DVD Set as our apology for the delay in the delivery. This white-metal cast is supporter only and we hope that painting it will make you as happy as ... well..., as happy as a happy monk! 

As you know, we love giving stuff away - the painted version of Ben's happy monk (downloadable step-by-step here), for example, went to Phil (who will receive it during our meeting at GD Germany in Cologne). 

Pact of the Bruddhahood Supporters

To those of you who made the "Pact of the Bruddhahood" and donated us 42€ to our cause:
Please be patient a few more days as we are currently preparing the extra goodies for you ;) 

Cheap labor: Cost of Nerds < China :D

Forced Nerd Laborer, Bruddha Begbie
My buddy Klaus (Begbie) used his week of vacation to join me for what we call a 'Nerdcamp' - painting till the sun comes up! Coming weekend, we will both join Jeremy Bonamant Tebouls workshop here in Berlin, together with our lucky Giveaway winner "Madhatter Spaulding" and many other bruddhas. Of course, you will read a review of the workshop here!

So Klaus thought he'd be on vacation. LOL - WRONG! No idle hands in the paintingbuddha headquarters! 

Klaus is currently not only packing your miniatures in their respective and rather awesome protective metal jewelery boxes, he also puts a lot of nerdy love in each and every box for you! 

Thanks Klausimausi! You are a true Bruddha! :D

DVD to be delivered to us today!

The DVDs have left our replicator (gotta love that word) yesterday and should arrive here today. 

As soon as we successfully ran a couple of tests on the DVDs we will start sending out your orders next week! Again, a BIG "Thank You!" to all of our supporters! I hope you are as excited as we are. 

About Early Birds

Although we do not intend to make our first DVD set limited, it is questionable that we will create another batch due to the extremely high production cost. So unless the whole world wants their own copy of the Season 1 set, which would make a second batch feasible, the first batch 'is it'. 

We do think that we have produced sufficient boxes, but for the time being we have to be fair and say "while supplies last". 

Next week we will prepare a comprehensive video that showcases all of the awesomely nerdy content of the two boxes. 

Tip: Even though the Budget Box is the more affordable version, the Supporter Box is the 'better deal' ;) 

Stay tuned for more updates on how to learn to be a better painter with!

As always, SHARE & ENJOY!
Your Paintingbuddha Team


  1. Just ordered it, before they run out! Can't wait to get it, wish I had known in the pre-order stage about it.

    1. Thanks for your support! ;)
      We just received the DVDs and will run a couple of random samples - everything looks quite magnificent if I may say so myself ^^

    2. My pleasure, it was great getting to know you as well as Klaus (and Peter) at the Karol Rudik Workshop the other day, still waiting for your review ;)

  2. Hi Paintingbuddha team,

    just received my copy of the Happy Monk. Thank you guys, you are really mad... in an absolute positive manner! I´am really happy to hold my own cast of the happy monk in hands.



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