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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Games Day UK - Ticket & T-Shirt winners

This day is full of WIN, baby!

As announced in our Games Day 2013 UK 'Pre-port', we had three last-minute GD Tickets to give away! And since a piece of paper is not hoopy enough, we even threw in some Painting Buddha T-Shirts for you guys!

If you won and would like to join us for Pre-GD-Dinner, check out Sue's Facebook Event and join us for an evening full of nerdiness! I would give you your prizes then. 

Wear it with pride!
Congrats to the winners!
If you can't make it to the Games Day Dinner, I will be waiting in front of the main entrance of the NIA before the doors open. Please add me on Facebook and shoot me a message, I'll give you my phone number then. Also, I will need your T-Shirt size (T-shirts, especially the XL, XXL and XXXL are on the tight side, so you might want to go one size larger!)

So without further ado, here are the winners of our tickets: Thanks for SHARING & ENJOYING!

Congratulations to Dante, Phil Millar and Rob Knipe

You did not win? Check out our Euromilitaire 2013 report for more chances of winning hoopy stuff!

How can we keep handing out free stuff?

Since the launch of our little Painting Revolution on November 14th last year, we have given away mostly limited and rare stuff worth over 4200€! 

We can only do this because so many of you supported our incredibly priced Paintingbuddha Season 1.1: Target Identified. It's not too late for Christmas presents, you know, just sayin'... ^^



  1. Woooo thanks very much. Was gutted I was nearly going to miss this :)

    1. Please contact me on facebook so we can set up a meeting point :)


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