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Monday, September 30, 2013

Games Day UK 2013 - Report Part 1: Pics, pics, pics!

Games Day 2013 - UK

Gorgeous gamers, cunning collectors, precious painters and hoopy hobbyists!

David is the Goliath of
Miniature Painting!
Games Day 2013 UK is over. WOW, it was an event that we will be talking about for a while, I think. For many reasons. 

Having traveled to GD US, GD Germany and now GD UK, it is time to finalize our popular mini-series about "The Future of Games Days and Games Workshop" - and I can tell you right now that the future will look different from what you may remember from Ye Olde Games Days of days gone by. 

(Part 1 of that series is here, followed by six more walls of texts - and will be concluded this week, I think).

Sleep or else...

I just came back from GD a few hours ago and after sifting through, cropping and color-correcting 742 pictures, I am about to fall asleep at the PC. 

Alas, I will now go and meet Ben, Matt and Katy (from Russian Alternative) for a drink or two :D For the greater good!

So the big report will have to follow tomorrow!

The best part of GD UK 2013 was
meeting dozens of Bruddhas!

THANK YOU ALL for your support!
As for today, I offer you nothing less than efficiently organized photo albums of my very personal Games Day UK 2013.
As always, you can use all the pictures in any way you want - our motto is SHARE & ENJOY!

There will be a very interesting Games Day Report following some time tomorrow - with a lot of inside information, rumors and future developments of Games Days. I would recommend not to miss it. 

How? Best by liking us and following us on Facebook! You won't miss any of the exciting miniature action ever again :)

Picture & Link Collection

If you have pictures on your blog/site/wherever and you want to SHARE & ENJOY them with the community, contact me on Facebook or just simply put the link in the comments below, I will then link to your ressources here: 

Masterminis Albums & Links: 

- Pre GD Dinner (Picasa, 21 pics)
GD UK 2013 - Event pictures (Picasa, 109 pics)
- Armies on Parade (Picasa, 116 pics)
- Golden Demon - Non-Finalists (Picasa, 235 pics)
- Golden Demon - Finalists (Picasa, 213 pics)

Your Albums & Links: 

- Conrad Mynett's Album (Picasa, 354 pics)
- Slayer Sword Winner David Soper's Blog (strongly recommended!)
If you like your own blog/album in the list, just leave it in the comments below or contact me via Facebook


What would be a report without a chance of winning something?

Nothing! That's right! 

So we give away a Games Day Only Marco Colombo miniature and not one, but TWO Painting Buddha T-Shirts to a total of three lucky winners!

In the comments below just write how you liked GD UK (if you went) and if you didn't go, what you think about GW/Games Days in general. Why didn't you go?



  1. I would have went to this year's german GD - but 50€ only for entrance is just much too much for me.

  2. Lots of cool things to see. I really enjoyed the seminars too.

  3. Games Days are great!!! This year I didn't make it to GD US due to I was the process of buying a home. But there is next year!!!

  4. I enjoyed meeting you hearing your views in the malt house after GW.

  5. I went to the Games Day in Memphis, Tennessee this year. Drove six hours from Atlanta to my first ever Games Day. Unfortunately I didn't have anything to submit for the GD but it was pretty cool to see all of the really awesome work. It's pretty awesome to see the great works of art in pictures online, but a whole different experience to see the actual work in person.

    Perhaps next year I will have something to submit, I'll be working on improving my skills when I get my Painting Buddha Season 1 DVD!

  6. I was gutted there was no kit bash area. The Forge World stand felt like it went on forever.

  7. I think GD is great opportunity for people to meet each other. The best time of it is pre-GD party with are worth IMO more than games day itself.

    I don't like golden demon because it have limited size for work 60x60x60cm my current work is bigger ;)


  8. didn't go due to new baby boy but will be there next year mark my words lol it looked amazing, UK GD is the mecca for the hobby just gutted i didn't get to go although the missus bought me a heldrake to compensate as she is EPIC
    El Reevo

  9. I actually enjoyed GD this year, had a more grown up vibe about it. Was great to see so many Buddha t-shirts out there, just wish I'd worn mine.

  10. Oh and Lukes post has reminded me to thank my missus once again for my awesome troll hag,

  11. I enjoyed Games Day immensely last year in Chicago! I got some limited edition artwork, chatted briefly with my hero ADB, and of course saw some of the most brilliant minis ever!!!

  12. Good morning. I have been to GD Germany once. i guess it was 2009. The thing which thrilled me most was the miniature competition. Without it it would have been less exciting to me. I think the Golden demon is a vey important event and it would be a pity if it was abandoned. I will not go to any event for the next year I gues because of a little girl of 2 weeks age.^^
    Best regards,

  13. I'm stuck in the far reaches of the Wild West in Oregon, so I'm a long way from any Games Days, although I want to go to one some day.

    My main goal would be to see the Golden Daemon contestants. I know photos can't do a mini justice, so the chance to see fantastic minis would be enough to draw me in.


  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. I´m agree with Nordgrot. Always is interesting to go to a GD, but this year the price of the entrance was excesive. I hope next year will hold more GD and I can attend one. Thanks for the report!

  16. Hey! Good to meet you this weekend =)

    Our blog report/slideshow can be found here:

  17. Not been to a GD for nearly 7 years now, price was always a issue , usually involves a overnight stay, big thing was the way GW as a whole operates. you hear plenty of folk bad mouthing the company but still wander to the GD in hopes of a demon .... i voted with my feet and found a world of better/cheaper miniatures out there..

  18. Couldn't go to GD this year because it was too far for my wallet.
    GW, bring back GD France and Spain please !

  19. Some of those minis look really awesome!
    I wish i were there to see them all.
    Maybe next year ;)

  20. Your games day series has gotten me excited about the hobby again, it seems that we are moving past the doom and gloom and into the future of hobby supported by blogs like yours. Lets hope GW jump on board!

    1. I probably will not live to see that day :D

  21. Hey it was good to meet you at gamesday,sorry it was brief at the end of the day. would have taken my sentinel out the box and let you have a proper look at it but we had to catch our ride home. glad you liked it anyway. hopfully see you next year. keep up the good work. peter

  22. Just found your blog, really enjoying it so far!
    I didn't go to GD this year. I was umm'ing and arr'ing for a long time but decided to give it a miss in the end. Kinda glad I did, the last GD I went to was at the NIA back in '98 and it was an immense event, it's a real shame that the event seems to have taken a massive downward turn. Here's hoping someone from GW decides to actually go on the internet for once and reads all the feedback people have been giving on the event and they improve it in the future.


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