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Wednesday, October 2, 2013




Like Mathematics or Music, Miniature painting is a universal language. I would assume that most of you probably don't speak Japanese that well. This is certainly true for my friends Martin and Erik who spend a few days of nerd-camping at my place right now. 

Yesterday, we ended up watching Japanese Hobby-shows until early in the morning - the name of the show is 'プラモ作ろう' ('Let's build plastic models!') by Fuji TV

When I lived in Japan, I really enjoyed watching those shows - it helped me with the hobby specific terminology in Japanese. 

So Martin, Erik and I had some Pizza and watched 'puramo tsukurou' for hours without end. 

A life-like city display with electric trams? A German St.Kfz 251/2 Half-truck? A japanese castle? A dry-dock with ship and hundreds of models? Or would you like to know how these beautiful anime kits are designed and manufactured? プラモ作ろう has all these shows - days of entertainment!

And since miniature painting is one of the universal languages, you don't really need to know Japanese to enjoy these videos and see the child-like excitement of grown Japanese men, living their hobby.

I apologize to all female readers for this transparent,
misogynistic and cheap attempt of 'squeezing' out
some more SHARES & ENJOYS! ごめんなさい!
So that is my ススメ (my recommendation) for all of you - check them out. 

The latest season is available in HD from this channel. You can find some older shows here, or by searching for 'puramo tsukurou' and 'プラモ作ろう'.

And here is my favorite episode: The creation of the anime kit 'Air' by Ni8. I definitely recommend watching this, it's most awesome. 

Let me know what you think about this show in the comments below! 

The future of Games Days and Games Workshop - Part 7 coming today!

After having visited GD US, GD Germany and GD UK I will summarize my personal experience of these events in part 7 of our amazingly popular mini-series. (Part 1 here, if you still have not read it! You'll probably need to set about 2 hours aside to break through these walls of text!) 

I am not sure that GW will like all I have to say....



  1. yep, that's my favorite episode too. Or to be more precise the only one that I ever wanted to save on my hdd. The others are top too, but I'm not a big fan of vehicle models in general.

    also please stop teasing with part7 and release it, I'm waiting for the last 2 weeks to read the next wall-o'-text. :)

    1. hahah :) We just went nerd-shopping in Berlin's biggest miniature hobby store. Now I feel ready to hit the keyboard :D

  2. If anybody is interested in this figure, just gimme a call....

    1. I'm actually quite interested, you mean the AIR mini right?

  3. omg, so labour intensive, with that green and yellow paste. I couldn't believe they even used it for the eyebrows, rather than slapping on some epoxy putty.

  4. Pretty cool! But I have no clue what they're saying most of the time. xD I can understand only certain combinations of words because of watching anime. xD


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