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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tales from the Crypt

Happy Tuesday everyone!

"Tu es!" in German means DO IT - so that's the right motto for Doitday :D

Working for you 21/7

When I said "No sleep till.." in my last quick update on our facebook page, I did not exaggerate. We filmed with Kirill until 2-5am every day and I had to get up again at 7am every morning. In the home stretch on Saturday I quite literally fell off my chair in exhaustion ;) I'll have to edit out the epic 'Thudd' sound that this must have made ^^After these exhausting days I gave the guys (and myself) a much needed day off yesterday. 

We don't want the Painting Buddhas to turn into Fainting Buddhas. :D

Budget Box back in stock!

And today's Tuesday starts with some good news! The lost package from our caster was resent and arrived! We are currently packing all outstanding "Budget Box" and will send them out tomorrow. Supporter boxes will be back in stock next week, as our T-Shirt printer is not ready yet. Quality hand-printing takes a while ;) We'll keep you posted. 


And I am so backed up on articles for that I hope starting some time later this week you'll find some awesome new content - including the next part of our popular series "The future of Games Days and Games Workshop", Hussar 2013, Games Day Italy 2013, Paintingbuddha Workshop Hamburg... The list seems endless ^^

But first things first - we'll send out all available Budget Boxes now and then we will resume normal operations. As soon as we identified what normal is anyways...

In this spirit we all call upon you to 


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