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Friday, October 18, 2013

A rushed little update: PB orders, Hussar, GD Italy :)

A very stressed "Hello" from an
otherwise relaxing hobby!

Having too much fun?

WOW - six weeks of working till 2-3 am and then travelling to events on Saturdays and Sundays... Having too much fun - I am getting to old for this :D

So apologies for this somewhat rushed update on what's going on in the Painting Buddha cave!

Waiting on your PB orders 

As you have seen from this post, we are currently sold out. The tons of positive reviews that you guys wrote for us have left us with no stock to sell - even though we planned conservatively. We have been packing and sending quite literally day and night, and as of today, everything order we could fulfill is packed and ready to go. The remaining orders will go out on Tuesday! 

I was already in contact with some of you who are waiting on their orders, and I will send an email to each one of you in a moment - there are currently still about 30 orders waiting to be delivered, 27 of them (most likely yours, too) will go out on Tuesday. Those of you who ordered a 3XL shirt will have to wait another week, when all shirts will be back in stock... 

Your massive support is incredible, and we can't express in words how grateful we are! Yet I have to admit that we currently have a hard time coping with all the orders :) I am personally not on top of communications right now, and I am truly sorry for that. Monday we will 'reset' to normal operations and things will go much smoother again! Again, at of the end of October (10 days from now) we will be back on track, restocked and all orders will go out every other day - as before. Promised.

Thank you for your patience!

Ben, Stephan and Matt have left the building

Matt before filming Season 1.3 in our little studio :) 
GD Italy will be the only GD this year that I won't be attending after GD US, GD Germany and GD UK. It would have been cool to visit all of them (just to say "I've been to all of them"), but since I will be meeting up with our Polish friends in Warsaw for the Hussar 2013, I won't be going to Italy (yet). 

Stephan "Derwish" Rath and Matt Cexwish have finished filming Season 1.2 and 1.3 as per 10 minutes ago, leaving me with around 50 hours of material for video editing :D I can only say this much right now: Both DVDs will be incredible! 

Sneak Peak on Season 3!

For our season 3, we have a very, very special painter lined up. I will meet him in Warsaw, kidnap him to Berlin and lock him in our studio until he revealed all his secrets. More on this next week, when we will be filming Season 3. 

If you my Hussar Coverage on our Facebook page over the weekend, you might find out who he is :)

OK... I got 42 minutes to write emails, pack my suitcase, grab a cab, hop on the plane and fly to Warsaw... Relax? No, but DON'T PANIC!


  1. Fingers crossed for skellets.....

    1. Me too, vote for Stefan :-D

      Have fun at hussar!

    2. Your finger crossing helped!
      He won the "Best of Show"

  2. even tough i live in Poland i won't be able to go to Hussar beacuse of certian Univeristy stuff :/ so I will eagerly await any and all coverage from You (I find Your coverage to be entertaining and very good quality wise :) )

  3. Pozdrawiając Ciebie z Królestwa Syneloi życzę Tobie przyjemności z interenetowej twórczości.


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