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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

OMG - PB Season 1.1: Temporarily sold out!

PB Season 1.1: Temporarily out of stock

Whoa! Dudes!

Back in stock at the End of October
When we started shipping our first miniature painting instruction DVD Set "Season 1.1: Target Identified" just 10 weeks ago, we hoped that we would be able to sell 300 sets until the end of the year. 

And then YOU started SHARING & ENJOYING your thoughts on what we had created for you: tons of unboxings, reviews, vlogs, FB posts and recently the many positive reviews in magazines such as Portal, Figure Painter Magazine, the upcoming Ravage as well as on many sites have led to a surge in order numbers that we did not expect in our wildest dreams!

Beyond our wildest stallions dreams 

As a matter of fact, we don't even have enough time for wild dreams anymore, as we are working on fulfilling all the orders until 2-3am on a regular basis ^^ - we are almost caught up (as of today it seems). 

We hoped to sell 300 units until Christmas - and we sold out of (you guessed it) all 420 of our original stock beginning of October! Phew!

Backup plan backfired
With the exception of miniatures and bases, we have enough stock to last us until the Christmas season at minimum. And as soon as we saw the many orders coming in, we ordered a second batch of "Brad & Yanet" as well as the showbase.

So in theory, there should have been no problem.

In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. 

In practice, there is.... 

The German Parcel Service delivered the box full of bases but apparently lost the box full of miniatures. Of course, at the same time, our caster went on his much deserved vacation until the end of next week. Thanks, Murphy, good one!

Back in stock in two weeks time - while supplies last!

So in short, for the moment we are out of stock. But we will be fully stocked and ready to rumble again by the end of October. We have updated our store accordingly.

If your order is affected by this, we have already sent you an email regarding this. 

In the meanwhile...

...we would like to once again say "Thank you!" to all of you! Your support means a lot to us - and we are so motivated and excited that we are already working on Seasons 1.2, 1.3, 2.1 and 3.1. And all I can say that we think they will be extremely hoopy - stay tuned for more news soon™!

Also, this little 'breather' will allow me to hand-produce another 1500 collectible buttons (which will take ma about 2-3 days *cry*) :D

So for now, we would like to ask all of you to

And if you want to make sure to grab your personal copy of our first DVD set, before we sell out for good: Here's your chance!



  1. Replies
    1. I personally think the DVDs only sell because we have this good looking, crazy Spanish dude on it :D

  2. Well done guys! Its good news to hear :) Lets hope the other parties involved speeds up to help you guys restock quickly.

    1. Yeah, looks like we will be back in stock in about 10 days. :)
      Enough time to hand-make another 1500 buttons *cry* :D

  3. Congratulations guys!!! You've done a tremendous job. I simply love your product and am really looking forward for the upcoming seasons...Please hurry up! Though I do not even have admittance by my Jedi High Council ^^. But I am still optimistic.
    So thanks again for your awesome work.
    Best regards, Skyle

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