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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

PB Season 1.2/1.3/2.1/3.1/.. - Have them YOUR way!

PB Season 1.2/1.3/2.1/3.1/.. - Have them YOUR way!

Is doing it twice - twice as nice?

I just wrote this whole article, made a tiny change to it, pressed CTRL-Z for undo aaaaand everything was gone, crashed - including a 4 hour translation of a French text (btw, I don't speak French!). Murphyyyyyy, thou art a heartless b*tch!

Well, let's do it again and let's find out if doing it twice is twice as nice... :P 

The Hero Nerd of the Day: YOU

The sheer amount of positive feedback, reviews, vlogs and comments we have received for our first ever miniature painting instructional DVD set "Season 1.1: Target Identified" has been overwhelming to say the least. Of course, we were hoping for a good start of our little company, but we did not expect this! Let me tell you: It's been quite a ride!

We have said it before, and we'll say it again: THANK YOU for your massive support!
About a year ago, we promised that you will have your say when it comes to the development of our future products - and today is your first chance!

Wanted: The good, the bad and the ugly

You have bought the DVD set and have some ideas on how to make it better? Tell us about it!

You did not buy the DVD set, because you were missing something? Tell us about it!

There are certain subjects that you would like to see covered in one of our next DVD sets? Tell us about it!

There are certain painters you would like to see? Tell us about it!

And finally: There is anything else with regards to our little company that you would like us to address? TELL US about it!

We set up this email address for any feedback, wishes, suggestions that you have for our future DVD sets. We are working on them at the moment - so now is the best time for you to tell us what you want!

Coming soon™ 

For the DVDs
  • Better sound: We spent way over 100 hours just cleaning up the sound on Season 1. For Season 1.2+ we have invested in a semi-professional recording system - for crystal clear sound and that extra nerd factor!
  • More subtitles: Tell us - which languages do you want us to support? We might ask you for your help on this one, soon™. We also investigate the option for multiple voice overs - but that is VERY time consuming. 
  • Constant view of the wet palette: Probably the #1 requested feature - we will have the wet palette on screen at all times in future DVDs (as long as it makes sense, of course)
  • Our own website: We are currently designing our own website! Blog, Events & Everything! We have no idea how long it will take us, though :D
  • Pimping the shop: There are a few bugs in the shop, especially for our UK and Canada Bruddhas (ZIP code too short). We plan to replace the shop soon™. We are looking at options right now and hope that we can resolve the bugs soon™.
  • More shipping options: Some of you - especially from outside Europe - want more flexible, premium shipping options (DHL Express). We will add these options shortly, but as this is a premium service, the price for shipping will come at a premium, too.
  • Cheaper products: We are aware that S&H costs a lot - especially from outside of Europe. We are currently designing solutions for local independent retailers near you to carry our product. If you are a retailer and you are interested in carrying our range, contact us here.
Not coming any time soon
  • Blue-Ray Disks: Copying BR is insanely expensive. Just the licence to be allowed to actually make copies costs over 6000€. Also, you will have to have around 1000 of them made to make it feasible. Last but not least, BR is not very popular in Europe.
  • Download-only version: Some of you asked for a download-only version of our videos. For us, the hobby consists of painter, gamer AND collector nerds. A pure digital download will never be as hoopy and as nerdy as a physical product.
    However, we do have some plans for 2014 that we think you will all SHARE & ENJOY :D
  • Copy protection: Some of you pointed out that our DVDs are not Copy Protected - and that that might harm our business. Well, first of all, thank you for your concern! :D
    I personally think Copy Protection is a waste of time and a nuisance at best. Plus, every three-year-old can break it. We feel that people who may have accidentally stumbled upon an unauthorized 'evaluation copy' of our product will eventually support us, too, once they understand what we are trying to achieve. In short: No copy protection mechanisms! 

Sorry, no fries with that!
Have things YOUR way and WIN!

Please send your feedback, ideas, comments, wishes, dreams, demands, nerdy needs and suggestions to this email address

From all the mails we will draw one lucky winner who will receive the Season 1.2 AND 1.3 DVD sets as soon as they are available later this year!



  1. Just epic... I will definitely shoot you a mail once I'm done with watching all of them!

  2. I buyed season 1.1 and probably I'll buy next. DVD is a great platform for me. Thanks.

    1. Thanks seasonesend :) If there is anything you would like covered in the next DVDs, let us know!

  3. why not joint forces with some talented graphic and digital designers?. One thing that always attract a nerd is a "good fluff/story line" on the models they paint (see GW as something that they have done well)

    1. We are working on something special for Season 2.1 ;)

  4. Sir (and the other two bruddhas that I never read from), you've earned my respect. I'm going to order the DVD set very soon, and as soon as I can I'll watch it and be sure you'll have the feedback you've requested =D

    1. Thanks for your support! We are looking forward to your feedback :)

  5. Please, please don't follow anything GW have done.....just do your own thing. That is what differentiates you from everyone else.

    People like your uniqueness, not your sameness.

    1. Heheh... If I could give anyone business advise in the miniature industry, I'd say look closely at what GW does. Then do the EXACT opposite :D

    2. I wouldn't say "Anything" that GW has done. They are very business oriented in the sense of merchandising. Maybe in the future we can see some Painting Buddha paints, brushes and tools. Just use dropper bottles instead of pods and we're good

  6. hey PB team,
    As a suggestion on the videos, I would like to see - whenever the brush leaves the mini and goes out of view (to pallete, to mouth, to water cup, to paper towel) a windowed section seamlessly appears to show where the brush has gone to. I agree that you don't need to show the paint pallete 100% of the time, only when the brush goes to it. Also don't make the paint pallete thumbnail tiny like it currently is - It needs to be a good 3/4 window (or at least zoomed in on the brush, just not tiny thumbnail).


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