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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

GD UK: Awesome new Forgeworld Release!

For the greater good! 

Awesome news for everyone going to Games Day UK this year. 

Forge World is releasing a new model which will be availabe at GD UK for the first time (while supplies last as usual): A TAU XV107 R'Varna Battlesuit! And what a BEAUTY it is!

This announcement is so new (thanks to my secret sources for letting me know!) that there is no price or anything available yet. Not even the usual 'story' behind the model. 

The model is apparently bases on GW's very successful and rather lovely Riptide Broadside and finally got a decent head :P 

The weapons on its arms look stunning and I can already picture putting this beautiful model on the top of my pile of unpainted and unassembled Forge World kits ^^

As soon as we get pricing information in, I'll let you know, but I would think the kit will be around 70-80£. We'll see.

Here more pictures on the Forge World Site.

Busy time at

We are very busy with our Season 2 preparations right now and hopefully can sneak leak some very exciting news in the next couple of days. We won't spoil WHAT we are doing, but I may have some absolutely exciting information on WHO will be doing it with us ^^

Let the rumor mill run! :D



  1. Wow awesome.. district 9 walker anyone?

  2. Epic model indeed, and a nice one to sit aside the current plastic model!

    And are you really going to have THAT guy, from THAT project to work on the beautiful model for Season 2? You know the one with that thing and the pose that looks like that scene from that movie that we talked about before? Very cool news mate.. looking forward to hearing more on Season 2.1 :)


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