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Friday, September 27, 2013

Painting Buddha Season 1.1: DVD VIDEO REVIEW by Ichiban Painting!

Wow! Simply WOW!

Painting Buddha Season 1.1 - Target Identified video review 
by Ichiban Painting Studio, Japan!

Review by Hugo Matte, multiple Golden Demon and recently Slayer Sword Japan 2013 winner!

I have been a follower of Ichiban Painting Studio for quite some time now - I discovered Hugo first about two years ago on his awesome Youtube channel. Hugo lives in Japan, which was even more reason for me to follow him. 

Hey, can I do a video review?

A few weeks ago, Hugo asked me whether it would be ok if he did a video review of our DVD set - well, of course it was OK :D

I did not know what to expect, but I can honestly say that I was more than impressed with the video when I saw it last night. What made the experience complete was that, in true style, I was viewer number 42. Bazinga!

So Hugo had a 'pretty good day' last Monday: His son tried standing up for the first time, his Paintingbuddha Supporter Box arrived AND he won the Slayer Sword Japan with an awesome Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka (yes, that is is full name) paintjob. I'd call that a good day any day! Make sure to follow him on Facebook and Youtube - he will have a Games Day Japan report up soon! SHARE & ENJOY!

Oh, and Hugo accepts painting commissions!


There are quite a few reviews of our first little DVD coming up - it's amazing to us to see how many of you SHARE & ENJOY our project, be it on Facebook, Blogs, Forums or your hobby clubs. Thanks to all of you! And stay tuned for reviews in Ravage (by Julien Casses), Figure Painting Magazine, Wamp/Portal and Brückenkopf Online

Before you watch the video

Here some quick little clarifications with regards to the video: The DVD Supporter Box costs 84€, the Budget Box contains not only the DVDs BUT ALSO the miniatures (not the base, nor any nerdy collector stuff, though). And last but not least: The DVD is in PAL format and will run on all PCs with Windows Media Player, VLC and the like. It will, however, not run on most NTSC systems. If you have any questions, give us a holler!

So without further ado (I always say that after some sort of wall of text, it seems), please SHARE & ENJOY Ichiban Painting's video review of Paintingbuddha Season 1.1: Target Identified!

And if you are interested in supporting our little start-up by buying one of the best priced miniature deals of this decade, check out our shop here

You might also want to follow us on Facebook to read reports about miniature events all over the world, take part in tons of hoopy Giveaways, read about my love-hate-relationship with Games Workshop, be the first to know about our upcoming Season 2, or simply to learn to be a better painter ;) 

While Supplies Last!

Games Day UK Report coming up Tuesday

I will be travelling to Games Day UK again this year - and as always you can expect a massive report with tons and tons of pics from the Pre-GD-Dinner to the After-Show-Party! I'll post the winning entries on Facebook the moment they happen, so stay tuned. As I will be in UK until Monday, I will post my report and pics on Tuesday, when I am back.

Don't miss it. 



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