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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

BBBBG - Limited Space Marine Codices about sold out!

A quick reminder for all of you collectors out there: Not many limited codices are left! I got my Ultra and Salamander (that looks bad-ass) in the bag, so it's all good - could not afford to get all of them :D

Birthday Bash Post

As you know we celebrated our first Blog-Birthday on September 1st. This week we are busy filming our Season 3 DVD with Chris Octive from the motherland of miniature gaming, the United Kingdom. 

In short, we are very busy having fun :P 

Birthday Bash Post will come sometime this week - and with the prizes we have conjured up, you DEFINITELY do not want to miss it! It will be the Giveaway of 2013! ^^

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  1. so when is season 2 about to get released if you're already filming season 3? :D

    1. Season 2 will hopefully be out in time for Christmas. We are still in the design process and it is going to be extremely tight - but also extremely epic :)

      We are filming for Season 3 and have season 4 lined up already, so that we have one or two seasons 'in the bag' and don't have to work 20 hours a day every day ^^

  2. could be season 2 is the tau diorama by Ben?

    1. Heheh... COULD be. But it isn't. Ben's Tau Diorama is not nearly as cool as our Season 2 project ^^


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