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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pre-port: Euromilitaire 2013

Pre-port: Euromilitaire 2013, Folkstone, UK

I am so not ready :D

Greetings, my most charming collectors, gorgeous gamers and pretty painters!

Tomorrow I will be heading out for what will be my only 'vacation' for this year - a three day weekend in Folkstone for my first ever Euromilitaire. I heard so much about this awesome event that I just had to go. And the week after that I'll hop over to Games Day UK. Painting Buddha on tour! :D

At Euromilitaire, I will not enter any miniatures, just enjoying the weekend, finally meeting some people I was looking forward to meet for a long time and talking to some long time painter friends. 

And of course, I will be taking TONS of pictures. There will be frequent updates on our facebook page with some of my favorite miniatures throughout the weekend, of course, followed by a big report on as soon as I am back in Germany next week. 

One of my favorite companies in recent months is Nocturna, who will have a new miniature out that will be pre-sold (sold before they are sold?) exclusively at Euromilitaire. 

If you are going and want to save some money, you'll find a coupon on Nocturna's FB Page for 5£ off of your purchase. 

If I can afford it, I will get two of these stunningly beautiful ladies and give one away on the blog next week :) 

But I am so not ready! Laundry ain't done, we have not even sent out the prizes for our last giveaway yet (I am SO SORRY), but our days are so busy that we kinda slipped up on that one ;) 

I promise that all prizes will be sent out next week! Including this little Nocturna gem (if I can get one, I mean two!).

I know there will be tons of workshop throughout the weekend and painters from all over the world will attend, including some of my favorite South Korean painters, which I can't wait to meet :) 

So, if you are attending Euromilitaire and you see a bald guy with the shape of a Buddha, a 9 month old beard and either a Paintingbuddha T-Shirt or my sweater, chat me up :) 

Looking forward to seeing you all! 

And if you can't go, make sure to check out next week for an extensive report! 


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  1. I want one tooooooo! It's such a cool mini, too bad I can't go there :/

    Have fun mate! Eager to see the report :)


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